The Aloe 80 Organics Shampoos and Conditioners from Lily of the Desert contain 80+% certified organic aloe vera for smoother, healthier hair. The shampoos and conditioners contain Aloesorb, which helps the absorption of aloe into the hair. Formulas are available for normal, oily, colored and dry hair.

TreatSmart dog treats from lincolnbark are made with human-grade ingredients. The treats include chia seed, which “promote comprehensive canine health,” says the firm. These seeds are rich in omega-3s, calcium, fiber, protein and antioxidants.

Teres Kids is an American-made clothing company for kids with a core focus of comfort. The line is appropriate for children who suffer from tactile sensitivities (such as eczema, allergies, sensory processing disorder and autism) because soft fabrics are used, seams are placed on the outside and no itchy tags are sewn in.

Zuke’s introduces Superfood Dog Treats, in three flavors. Man’s best friend can now enjoy a Beta blend, which includes vegetables; a Greens blend, filled with peas and beans; and Berry blend, a colorful blend of fruits and berries. All three products include antioxidants, low gluten and most importantly, tasty morsels for dogs everywhere to savor.

Bambooee from CM National Inc. is a reusable bamboo towel that comes with 20 reusable sheets that are equivalent to 60 paper towel rolls. The sheets are strong, absorbent, versatile and durable. Tree-saver sheets are machine washable.

NOW Foods redesigned the packaging for its natural foods line, NOW Real Food. States the company, “The offerings in the food line are being rebranded and repackaged to reflect their quality and freshness, and to appeal to the healthy lifestyle shopper.” Several new products will be rolled out over the next few months.

Pacific Foods of Oregon added two new flavors to its Soup Starters collection. Thai Tom Yum is spicy and sour, made with authentic spices like galangal and lemongrass. The Tortilla Soup has a tomato base and is seasoned with green peppers, onions and lime. Add spices, veggies and protein to complete the soups.

Nancy’s Organic Greek Yogurt contains 26 billion live probiotics per serving at expiration date. It is naturally thick and creamy, and is naturally high in protein—up to 22 grams per serving. Made with organic fruits and sweetened with organic agave, this gluten-free snack comes in honey, blackberry, blueberry, raspberry, strawberry and plain.

SweetLeaf Sweet Drops are flavored liquid stevia from Wisdom Natural Brands that add 14 flavor possibilities to water, coffee, tea, yogurt and more. With the new coconut, watermelon and cola flavors, Sweet Drops lets users add flavor without any calories or carbs and without increasing the glycemic index.