Premium Gold’s aim with its All-Purpose Gluten Free Flour was to provide a great-tasting, all-purpose GF flour that could be used in a one-to-one replacement with regular flour. The flour combines flaxseed, quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, rice, arrowroot and tapioca, with xanthan gum for thickening. Flaxseed provides 3 g of fiber and 1,200 mg of omega 3 per serving. The flour has a 12-month shelf life.

Kicking Cancer in the Kitchen: The Girlfriend’s Cookbook and Guide to Using Real Food to Fight Cancer ($22.00, 336 pp) is written by cancer survivors Annetta Ramke and Kendall Scott. After battling cancer and becoming certified holistic health coaches, these women wanted to write a book that is a “resource for the woman who has been handed the cancer card—and for the one who never wants to get it”.

The Alzheimer’s Prevention Cookbook: Recipes to Boost Brain Health ($30.00, 232 pp) is a collection of recipes to help prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. Marwan Sabbagh teamed up with Food Network Chef Beau MacMillan to create recipes that contain brain-boosting ingredients such as turmeric, cinnamon, leafy greens, red wine and more.

On Target Living Nutrition ($18.95, 304 pp) written by Chris Johnson makes nutrition easy by following his Food Target. He says that his book is not a diet, but a life change, and he splits the book into three sections, “changing your life,” “the core of on target living nutrition” and “steps to success”.

The Baker Creek Vegan Cookbook ($19.99, 194 pp) is more than just a cookbook. Written by husband and wife, Jere and Emilee Gettle, this book provides easy instructions for canning and preserving, a list of everyday kitchen staples and many vegan recipes.

Real Cause, Real Cure ($18.99, 343 pp) is a health guide to nine causes of the most common health problems.  Written by Jacob Teitelbaum, MD, and Bill Gottlieb, CHC, this book focuses on the real root causes behind health issues, and the best ways to treat them.

Deerland Enzymes just launched PrefixPro, a prebiotic that promotes digestive health by stimulating probiotic growth. Unlike fiber- or starch-based prebiotics, PrefixPro requires a much smaller dosage and shorter time period to be effective. It works in both intestines, is not sensitive to specific environmental conditions of the gut and doesn’t cause flatulence.

Nutraceuticals International Group now offers SlimPro (a fish peptide enriched with BCAAs), which helps increase CCK and GLP-1 production. These molecules send messages to the brain to control hunger, eating and nibbling, and therefore may help control calorie intake. Applications include tablets, capsules, soft gels, stick packs, protein shakes, soft beverages and baked goods.

Jost Chemical Company now offers microencapsulated materials including Jost Copper Gluconate USP, Jost Ferrous Fumarate USP, Jost Manganese Sulfate USP/EP, Ferrous Sulfate USP, Magnesium Oxide USP and Zinc Oxide USP. Potential applications include chewable tablets and capsules, premixes and nutritional bars.