Fairhaven Health now offers OvaBoost, a supplement designed to help improve egg quality and optimize ovarian function for trying-to-conceive women. Formulated by medical experts, OvaBoost combines three key ingredients that are known to improve egg equality: myo-inositol, folic acid and melatonin.

Carlson Laboratories has introduced Salmon Oil Complete. This high-potency salmon oil product contains Norwegian virgin salmon oil, which offers a full range of omegas (providing 15 fatty acids).  It delivers 800 mg of omega-3s plus astaxanthin.

Solgar Biotin 10,000 mcg offers ultra support for skin, nails and hair. The company calls this formula “our most potent biotin supplement ever.” Biotin promotes healthy skin, nails and hair, and supports energy production. The supplement is kosher certified, vegetarian and free of gluten, wheat and dairy.

New to the Wakunaga of America line is Moducare CF. Intended for cold and flu support, the supplement offers benefits to the immune system with Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract, vitamin C, zinc, astragalus, echinacea and a potent mushroom complex.

Hops Science from ReserveAge Organics features Perluxan, a hops extract that contains 30% alpha acids. According to the company, alpha acids have shown great promise in benefiting pain from overexertion. In a clinical study, Perluxan hops extract showed positive improvements to minor pain. Those who suffer from minor aches may benefit from Hops Science.

Heel USA now offers Traumeel joint care tablets and ointment in a combo pack. “By putting both products together in one box, we make it easier for consumers to get better pain relief without painful side effects,” said Cliff Clive, CEO. The combination provides a cost savings to shoppers.

derma e Natural Bodycare’s Evenly Radiant Makeup Remover (formerly Eyebright Makeup Remover) safely removes all types of makeup, even waterproof varieties with a fragrance-free, oil-free formula. Chamomile, cucumber and eyebright soothe and protect skin; bilberry promotes healthy circulation; and green tea delivers antioxidants.

Redmond introduces Earthpaste, an all-natural toothpaste that contains no glyercin, fluoride, artificial colorings or foaming agents. Earthpaste is safe to ingest because it is only made from food-grade Redmond clay, purified water, xylitol, real salt and essential oils. Available in peppermint, wintergreen or cinnamon varieties.

Every Man Jack has a line for men with products for hair, body, skin, and shaving. They supply affordable dermatologist-approved formulas containing essential oil fragrances that are packaged in a “simple, clean, masculine design.” Products are naturally derived and contain no animal byproducts, and they do not use animal testing.