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The natural products industry is host to a treasure trove of creative, intelligent and dedicated individuals that contribute to its success daily. This year, WholeFoods Magazine is starting a tradition of naming a Natural Products Industry Person of the Year, someone we believe has made a tremendous impact on the industry in the previous year.

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barons market alpine ca

Barons Market expands to Alpine and Murrieta, CA.

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Gluten Free

Chicago, IL—Since 2012, sales in the gluten-free (GF) food market have shot up 63%, according to a new report from Mintel called Gluten-Free Foods - US - September 2014. Yet a large number of consumers are skeptical of GF’s staying power, as the new report also found that 44% agreed with the statement, “gluten-free diets are a fad.”

For small business owners with limited marketing dollars, it’s a common conundrum: Should you focus your marketing budget on generating new customers, or should you focus your time and efforts into cultivating repeat customers? Which is going to have a stronger impact on the bottom line?

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Portland, OR—The vote on Measure 92 in Oregon’s November election, which would have required special labeling for genetically modified foods, was close enough to trigger a recount. But despite the glimmer of hope that recount provided to supporters of the measure and a last ditch lawsuit, the recount came up short of allowing the measure to pass.