tip of the month

On its surface, shopping appears to be a perfunctory, repetitive routine that fills a need. Certain stores meet this expectation. If I am shopping at a mass merchandise store—inconvenient to get to, time-consuming to find the items I want, possible delays at the checkouts—I do not expect to enjoy myself. What do customers expect when they shop in your store?

general mills

Minneapolis, MN — General Mills will become the second major United States food manufacturer to disclose GMOs in its products, since Campbell Soup took the initiative in January. This decision appears to be more practical than passionate.

Plant Based Food Association

San Francisco, CA, March 7—Daiya Foods, Follow Your Heart, Miyoko's Kitchen, The Tofurky Company and Upton’s Naturals have established the Plant Based Food Association (PBFA), with 18 charter members and counting.


Senate Bill 2609, otherwise known as the Biotech Labeling Solutions Act, which threatened to override mandatory GMO labeling laws such as that of Vermont, was blocked on Wednesday, March 16 by the Senate. After a procedural vote of 49 yes votes and 48 no votes, the bill did not meet the requisite 60 votes necessary to advance to the Senate.

vitamin D

Two studies published in March show the potential effects of vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy.

Ingredient Markplace 2016, Orlando, Fl

For the second straight year, Ingredient Marketplace heads to Orlando, Florida, from April 27-29.


A coalition of over 50 sustainable agriculture, environmental, bee keeping and public interest organizations have sent a letter to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to follow up on a March 2015 letter regarding alleged suppression of research, harassment of scientists and censorship by the agency. In March 2015, Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility filed a citizen’s petition calling on USDA to adopt new policies that would protect government scientists’ ability to evaluate and communicate freely research findings that questions the safety of agrichemicals without political interference and fear of retaliation.

Assay Test, Antioxidant

Chapel Hill, NC—A team of researchers from the University of North Carolina’s Chapel Hill Nutrition Research Institute (UNC NRI) created and tested what it believes is a more reliable method to measure antioxidant capacity.

Collagen, Knee OA, Glucosamine/Chondroitin

Benicia, CA—New data published in Nutrition Journal suggest that a branded joint health ingredient benefits certain individuals with arthritis.