building with satellite

Local publicity sells, and now more than ever, it is extremely important to effectively market yourself and your products to local media. Building relationships with media in your region can help turn you into a local “media darling,” someone journalists can count on and consumers love.

frozen fish

There may be another reason to feel guilty about choosing to eat that burger for dinner, beyond the realms of animal rights or fat content—the environment. But, can the same logic be applied to…tomatoes?


In this month’s Annual Retailer Survey, natural products retailers give new insight into success...

customer service

Surely at some point during a shopping experience, you have walked into a store, only to be ignored by the sales staff. In these situations, you can’t help but wonder, “Does this person want my business?”

Tip of the Month

There are three areas in which businesses compete; people, product and place. Investing in one area takes pressure off the other two. If you pay your nutrition staff well, for example, you can spend less on your physical space. Here’s a story about Frances, one retailer who—even though she leases her space—decided to invest in her store and reaped record sales.


As I began researching the social media world looking for retailer opportunities, I quickly discovered many new ways to communicate directly with customers and save marketing dollars at the same time.

Deep Roots Within Good Earth

In October 1994, Congress passed the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA). This momentous bill allows our industry to exist and gives people the freedom to choose natural health products.

bread and pasta

Many independent natural products retailers are breathing a sigh of relief because gluten-free foods are boosting sales as the economy cuts customer counts. Life is good again, at least for a while...

web sites

I can remember 12 years ago, there was a buzz about the coming of an “information highway” that would change how we do business. Then, all of a sudden, a line listing was added to my budget for Internet and web services.