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Good advertising is a necessary part of a successful business, but don’t think that advertising only entails out-of-store promotions.

Cleaning Green and Greening Clean

You treasure your family and friends. You are helpful and friendly even to strangers. But, let’s be honest. Being green is the new trendy way to be a friend—the slew of eco-friendly cleaning, kitchen and bathroom products on the market prove it.

2009 Natural Choice Awards

Thousands of products make it onto the shelves of retail stores, but only a select few repeatedly make the trip out the door to go home with customers again and again. These “choice” supplement, food and personal care products are the shining stars that inspired WholeFoods Magazine to create the Natural Choice Awards.

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Tesco is the world leader in customer loyalty programs, with its Clubcard, and owns dunnhumby, the world’s largest customer-loyalty analyst. For example, dunnhumby provides customer-loyalty analysis to Kroger, the second-largest U.S. grocer (after Wal-Mart), with 2,500 supermarkets.

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As a business owner, you should consider your Employer Identification Number (EIN) as the Social Security number used to identify your business entity.


If this economic downturn is like previous ones, the weak will get weaker while the strong get stronger.In recessions, companies with lots of cash tend to do better than companies with lots of debt, because they can step up to the plate to take advantage of fire-sale opportunities on undervalued assets like real estate.

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A great joint promotion proves that one plus one equals six and sometimes more...


Amid these stressful economic times, independent natural products retailers can feel good about at least four things.

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The natural products industry is full of small business owners for whom the threat of big chain stores constantly looms on the horizon.