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Washington, D.C.—Supplement manufacturers know their advertising efforts and product labeling are closing monitored by regulators, but they should be just as stringent with how they handle their social media outreach. Such was the message in the Natural Products Association (NPA)’s first installment of its 2014 Wednesday Webinar Series on January 22, entitled, “Social Media for Dietary Supplements: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly.”

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London, England—Eating more foods with high levels of flavonoids could reduce the risk of diabetes, according to a study published in the Journal of Nutrition.

Mumbai, India—Enzymes manufactured by Advanced Enzymes in Mumbai, India, are the source of what may be the most widespread product recall ever.

Several noteworthy events involving genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in food have come down the pike recently.

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A few years ago, an independent natural products retailer with several stores got a new point-of-sale system. Because they had been ordering manually, going from store to store on different days of the week, the owners were very excited that they would be able to remotely track products and sales, and be able order from their central office, saving time and money.

The United States is forging ahead with the natural oil and gas boom that defines its energy policy, even as the significance of this boom flies under the radar. The average person has rarely heard about the explosive growth, except perhaps from stories about fracking controversies. But the global community has taken notice, with the official Chinese state news agency calling U.S. energy growth the most underreported story of 2013. Meanwhile, major alternative energy sources have been carving their own paths.

Orlando, FL—The Southeast Natural Products Association (Southeast NPA) held a successful show, SOHO, in early December 2013, here.

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