WholeFoods Magazine chats with Merchandising Editor and founder of Retail Insights, Jay Jacobowitz, at Natural Products Expo East 2013.

WholeFoods Publisher Heather Wainer just return from observing a vitamin distribution in Peru. Hear her speak from the heart about why she supports Vitamin Angels and what she learned from her amazing experience in Peru. posted 8/29/13

Vitamin Angels

Last month, Vitamin Angels asked its supporters what makes their mom a super mom. This touching video is the result.


A fun new video from Barlean's showing the benefits of omegas.


Our biggest survey ever just got even better.

Tune in to hear expanded analysis and merchandising tips from the

2012 WholeFoods Retailer Survey,

Sarah Walker and Ann Scales talk about how the Good ‘n Natural® Bar was created for friends and fellow athletes from Sun Valley, ID. The bars were originally made in Sarah’s tiny kitchen, and soon became so popular that the pair rented a commercial kitchen where they spent hours mixing, cutting and wrapping bars.

Health warrior Myra Michelle Eby, has been involved in the natural products industry for over 30 years. A longtime consumer advocate and founder of MyChelle Dermaceuticals, Myra has now created a line of internal products for vibrant aging. Elemental AGEx, Elemental EYEx, Elemental HEARTx and Elemental JOINTx. Learn all about it in this video.

You read the 2011 WholeFoods Retailer Survey in December...
Now, listen to expanded analysis and merchandising tips.

* How can I compete?
* Should I have a store brand?
* How can I increase foot traffic?
* How do my sales stack up?

Tune in to hear from WholeFoods Editor/Associate Publisher Kaylynn Chiarello-Ebner and Merchandising Editor and Retail Insights Founder/President Jay Jacobowitz.

Once Again Nut Butter

Natural, healthy and pure. When was the last time you tasted peanut butter as it was intended to taste? This segment from the “World’s Greatest” television program highlights Once Again Nut Butter Cooperative, maker of organic peanut and nut butters.