Sprouting up in neighborhoods across eight different states and counting, a relatively young chain of grocery stores trades on a decidedly old-time look and feel. “When you walk into a Sprouts Farmers Market, it’s supposed to feel a little bit different than your everyday grocery store,” says communications manager Lauren Rosenblum. With fresh produce and wholesome grains sold from wooden crates and barrels, and spacious aisles all brightly lit to evoke the feel of a sunny afternoon outdoors, the store makes quite the impression on first-time shoppers. There are a lot of those lately, as the chain expands rapidly and grand openings generate excitement in new markets.

New from NOW Solutions is the Clarify and Illuminate Age Transformation Line, a skincare system that helps transform and reduce visible signs of aging. A key ingredient is Mitostime, a brown algae extract that promotes collagen production. The line includes a cleanser, toner and moisturizer.
SRP:  $14.99 (cleanser and toner) and $24.99 (moisturizer)

Good For You Girls’ line of natural, vegan, gluten-free skincare is formulated for younger skin. New are three-product starter kits that include Body Wash and Body Lotion in Sweet Honeydew (one also includes cleanser and the other includes blemish wash). All products include botanicals, vitamins and organic extracts.

Age-Defying Cleanser and Toner by derma e are infused with Pycnogenol and astaxanthin to leave skin clean, healthy and refreshed. Fortified with skin-renewing vitamins and nutrient-rich botanicals, these formulas work together to remove impurities, restore pH balance and prepare skin to receive optimal benefits from a moisturizer or treatment.

The days are longer, the weather is getting warmer and people are gearing up for fun in the sun. While barbeques and trips to the beach are good ways to spend a summer day, sunscreen is needed to protect the skin from burns, premature aging and cancer. 

New from BeeAlive, Inc. is a hand-crafted natural skin care line called BeeAlive Spa Essentials. Using herbal and apiary traditions, Spa Essentials facial skin care products combine the nourishing qualities of BeeAlive’s royal jelly, honey, propolis and bee pollen with the soothing qualities of natural herbs and essential oils through a formulating process the firm calls Herbal-Apiary Simplex.

Mushroom Wisdom has redesigned the packaging of its Aquamella face cream. In a sleek, frosted glass jar topped with a silver screw lid, the new look conveys an upscale, luxurious crème, says the company. Jars of this pearl powder, tremella, CoQ10 and ALA enriched cream are now boxed, too.

derma e’s new multi-benefit facial beauty oils benefit various skin types. For dull, dehydrated skin, the Hydrating Facial Treatment Oil with organic Argan and Marula Oils offers moisture while fighting the premature signs of aging.  For easily irritated, sensitive skin, the Soothing Facial Treatment Oil with organic Argan Oil, plus Kukui Oil delivers gentle, light, calming care to help comfort, soothe and balance skin. 

New from North American Herb & Spice Company is OregaFRESH, a toothpaste that contains no chemicals, fluoride, GMO ingredients, sweeteners or emulsifiers. States the company, “The OregaFresh system is designed to protect the entire family from tooth decay, bad breath, stained teeth and that fuzzy, nasty feeling on the teeth and tongue when bacteria leaves its filth behind.”