Be Nice, Inc.New from Be Nice, Inc. is a drink mix for pregnant and nursing women. Along with folic acid, B-complex vitamins and minerals, the mix is formulated with DHA extracted from algae. The mix comes separated into single-serving packets and is available in lemonade and berrylicious flavors.

SRP: $12.99 (10 packets), $38.99 (50 packets).

Crispy Green Inc.Crispy Green Inc., has revealed its latest addition to the FruitziO line: Apples & Strawberries. These snacks are excellent for kids. One cup is equivalent to one-half cup of fruit, is 100 calories and offers 58% of the daily daily-recommended amount of vitamin C.

SRP: $3.49

Annie Chun'sNew from Annie Chun’s is Go-Chu-Jang Korea’s Secret Sauce. This sweet and spicy sauce offers a unique f lavor to spice up meals. The sauce is 100% natural and spiced up with chili peppers. According to the company, the sauce can be used for dipping, as a condiment, as a marinade or for grilling.

Bubble ChocolateBubble Chocolate, LLC, now offers distinct European chocolate in milk and dark chocolate bars. Made from an aerated process, those with restricted diets prefer this confection because it is lower in calories than traditional chocolate bars, without being low on flavor. The firm says the bars are light, airy, satisfying and delicious.

SRP: $2.49 for 2.82-oz package.

BaroniaBaronia now offers a line of Le Biologiche and Le Integrali pasta. This organic and whole wheat line was designed especially for those who want to live naturally. The pasta is made from organically grown durum wheat and whole-wheat semolina. Both lines also are produced using bronze extrusion and are certified Kosher.

SRP: $1.25-$1.39 per one pound packages.

OdwallaOdwalla unveils Wholly Grain!, a fruit smoothie, with 32 grams of whole grains in every bottle. The product is a tropical medley that blends orange, passionfruit, pineapple and mango juices. It also is an excellent source of vitamins B1, B2, A, C, E and fiber. Each bottle contains two servings. 

SRP: $3.29 (per15.2 fl. oz bottle).

Global Beverage EnterprisesGlobal Beverage Enterprises Inc. has reformulated and repackaged its Mr. Q Cumber cucumber-based beverage in a 7-oz bottle. The 100% natural sparkling drink contains no sodium and has only 90 calories. Ingredients include sparkling filtered water, citric acid, cane sugar and cucumber flavor.

SRP: $1.09 (per bottle) and $26.16 (per case of 24).

Premier OrganicsPremier Organics now makes Artisana organic nut butters in 1.16-oz squeeze packs. The portable product is available in all nine original flavors plus one new flavor (Cashini). Says the company, “These convenient squeeze packs are ideal for kids’ lunch boxes, camping, hiking, running, going to the gym or any other activity.”

Green Valley Organics'Green Valley Organics’ lactose-free yogurt and kefir are now available. The products are organic, certified humane, low fat, kosher, GMO and gluten free; they also contain Flourish active probiotic cultures. Several yogurt flavors are available, including plain, vanilla, blueberry, strawberry and honey.

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