Just Tomatoes Etc!’s 100%-natural line of crunchy freeze-dried fruits and vegetables now comes in smaller Snack Bags. No salt, sweeteners, fat or preservatives were added to these grab-and-go Snack Bags. Varieties include Just Bananas, Just Raspberries, Just Fruit Salad and Just Strawberries, and each are under 100 calories a pack.

Frozen Kefir Bars from Lifeway are a low-calorie, frozen dessert. The 56-calorie bars are gluten-free and contain no artificial flavors or colors. These tart and tangy bars come in four flavors: Coconut, Pear, Green Tea Raspberry and Vanilla.

Tofutti Brands has launched a dairy-free mozzarella cheese product. The product is intended as a dairy-free pizza topping that will benefit lactose intolerant consumers. In addition to being free of dairy, the product also contains no hydrogenated fats or oils. Tofutti sells more than 80 milk-free foods in more than 30 countries.

New from Tu Me, Inc. is a functional drink called Tu Me Water. The product is designed to fight post-workout inflammation for those with active lifestyles. Its main ingredient, curcumin, is an extract from the anti-inflammatory herb turmeric. NFL Pro Bowler Marcedes Lewis endorses the product for its pre- and post-workout benefits.

With the June 2013 expansion of Amazon.com, Inc.’s AmazonFresh program to the Los Angeles market, the resurgent business model of home grocery delivery now seems to be a force with which the food retail world must contend. After fits and starts of success for the idea earlier in the Internet era, many more consumers appear to be interested in having at least some groceries, including organic produce, delivered to their doorstep by Web-based services.

News from industry food companies.

Columbia, MO—As certain types of synthetic nanoparticles have made their way into applications from water treatment to food packaging to pesticides over the past few years, a debate has ensued over the potential for contamination, and the health risks to humans in case it does occur. A recent study at the University of Missouri confirmed the presence of potentially toxic silver nanoparticles in pears and, in doing so, established a viable method for detecting such particles in food.

Washington, D.C.—Over 150 companies and organizations sent a letter to U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Secretary Tom Vilsack calling for better oversight of the experimental field trials used to test genetically engineered (GE) crops. The action was spurred by the high-profile discovery in May of unapproved GE wheat in an Oregon farmer’s field.

A child’s school-age years are a special time, and not just because she/he moves from taking stroller rides to pedaling without training wheels to begging for your car keys! From ages four through 13, a child goes through a period of immense growth and development that’s topped off during the teen years.

Your store can help parents make sure their kids are getting everything from supplements to skincare to healthy foods and drinks to support this important growth period.