Dallas, TX—In a national survey, seniors rated eating healthier as their number one health priority, above such other goals as losing weight, being physically active and taking more vitamins. The United States of Aging survey was conducted in spring 2014, and involved 3,279 individuals answering a range of questions by phone.

Croatia—Rice-based foods, particularly rice drinks and cereals, may present a danger to infants and small children, said a group of doctors in a recent journal publication. Rice, due to its genetic makeup and the methods used to grow it, is thought to absorb arsenic from the environment in amounts higher than other plants.

From bread to brownies, baked goods are favorite treats for people around the world. Statistics show that artisanal and gourmet baked goods occupied approximately 51% of the overall baked goods market in 2013, proving that when consumers go to the shelves, they want the highest quality (1).

Nearly all parents would do just about anything for their children, and that includes feeding them the best that stores have to offer. In fact, 47% of parents make sure at least half of the food they load into their grocery carts is organic (1). So says the Organic Trade Association’s newly released U.S. Families’ Organic Attitudes & Beliefs 2014 Tracking Study, which surveyed more than 1,200 families with at least one child under 18.