Jolie Ravioli from New York Ravioli & Pasta Co. is an all-natural, kid-friendly “fun food” with no preservatives. Jolie Ravioli are designed in six whimsical shapes and come in 12-oz. resealable frozen bags. Ravioli come in Cheese, Mac & Cheezy, Cheese & Broccoli and Pizza-roli’s.

New from Mt. Capra Products is instant Yo-Quick!, which makes fresh, wholesome goat-milk yogurt in under 60 seconds without refrigeration. Just open a packet, add five to six tablespoons of cold water, shake and enjoy. Flavors include Blueberry Blast, Sensational Strawberry and Very Vanilla.

REED’s Inc. is entering new territory with its new raw, organic Culture Club Kombucha, made with oolong and yerba mate teas and culture brewed with spring water to create a beverage full of beneficial enzymes, probiotics and organic acids that detoxify, energize and balance the body. The first four “Master Tonic” flavors are Goji Ginger, Pink Grapefruit Hibiscus, Lemon Ginger Raspberry and Cranberry, all of which are caffeine-, gluten- and preservative-free. Culture Club joins Reed’s existing line of soft drinks all naturally brewed with roots, herbs, spices and fruits, setting them apart from other modern soda companies.

Kettle Foods has created new flavors for Kettle Brand Bakes, their line of baked potato chips. Sour Cream & Onion and Cheddar & Roasted Tomato join Hickory Honey Barbeque, Sea Salt and Sea Salt & Vinegar in the line of toasted, not fried, real potato slices. Kettle Brand updated its look with brighter colors on the bags.

Gator Ron’s Zesty Sauces & Mixes has introduced a drink mix as well as sauces for meats, poultry, seafood and other foods. Available are Angel Wing Sauce, Heavenly Barbeque sauce, and Divine Bloody Mary Mix. All are made with natural ingredients, low in calories, gluten-free and come with recipes for healthy meals. A percentage of all sales will be donated to Robert Packard Center for ALS Research at John Hopkins.

KIND has added a new line of whole nut bars that embrace naturally low-sugar options without using chemicals or sugar alcohols. The first Nuts & Spices flavors are Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt, Madagascar Vanilla Almond, Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Pecan and Cashew & Ginger Spice. The bars provide up to 5-7 g of fiber, 6 g of protein and 5 g of sugar or less.
SRP: $1.99 per bar.

New from Doctor in the Kitchen are Flackers, a healthy alternative to wheat and rice crackers. The nutritious raw flax seed crackers are made with organic ingredients, says the company, and are high in omega-3s, plant lignans and fiber. They are low on the glycemic index and low in sodium. Flavors include rosemary, savory, dill, sun-ripened tomato & basil and cinnamon & currants.


Blue Buddha Beverages, LLC offers a line of all-natural herbal infused teas. The cold teas come in 14-oz recyclable glass bottles.  Teas are only 20 calories, and have no artificial sweeteners or preservatives, caffeine or GMOs. The tea varieties are Vitality (Hibiscus Raspberry Revitalizing), Serenity (Chamomile Lavender Relaxing), Radiance (Blueberry Green Tea Restoring) and Wellness (Elderberry Green Tea Nourishing).

Barlean’s now offers Chia Seeds that are 100% organic, kosher and non-GMO. The company says this vegan product is a great source of protein and contains five grams of dietary fiber and about 3,000 mg of omega-3s per serving. Barlean’s suggests adding the seeds to oatmeal, cereals, smoothies, juices and salads.