Bone SuckinFord’s Foods, Inc. launched Bone Suckin’ CAJUN Seasoning and Rub, a blend of spices and herbs “with the right amount of heat” for frying, broiling and grilling. The blend (paprika, kosher salt, dehydrated garlic, black, white and red pepper, herbs, onion powder, celery and salt) is good on seafood, poultry, steaks, pork, pasta and more.

RiceBranRiceBran Technologies now offers NukaCha Shake ‘n Go, a single-serve, on-the-go smoothie. The NukaCha formula pairs RiceBran’s patented rice bran derivatives with green tea, and includes antioxidant- and vitamin-rich powdered wild blueberry, maqui berry and beet juice. Light and convenient, customers need only add their liquid of choice to the powder in the bottle, shake, and enjoy.

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News from industry food companies.


Total store mainstream sales are up +1.9%—effectively flat across all departments. Meanwhile, organic product sales are up in the high double digits in every department. The health craze is exploding with consumers constantly looking for solutions to improve their health. Improving our diets with quality healthy food is the first thing all of the experts recommend. Organic products are up +16.9% yet organic products account for only 3.1% of total store sales.


A great deal of gourmet brands and products are going the way of organic to invoke sustainability. While this is a positive step, it also saturates the market and makes it difficult for companies to stand out. Products like coffee, tea, chocolate and cheese are interesting because they can move from an everyday pantry item to a fine gourmet selection by focusing on quality and corporate responsibility. But how is sustainability defined in the world of gourmet, and how can your store embrace the definition to attract gourmet customers?

Grocery Briefs

News from industry food companies.

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