Statistics show that most Americans gain 5 to 10 pounds each holiday season, so to help combat this, Growing Naturals has issued the 2014 Winter Weight Challenge at The challenge website provides education, recipes, expert advice, and weekly giveaways, culminating in a sweepstakes to win a luxurious weekend getaway at the Oaks at Ojai destination spa in Ojai, California.

Zao Organic Makeup is currently offering 15% off of introductory orders on their products from their Essence of Nature line, including lipsticks, powder and liquid formulations, eyeshadows and brushes. These products are certified organic, as well as vegan, gluten-free and cruelty-free. They also use an innovative refill system for increased sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

Nutrex Hawaii has started a contest where retailers who add Nutrex products to their stores can enter to win various prizes, including a trip to Hawaii.

The first annual Shop Free for a Year Sweepstakes has been announced by Mrs. Green's Natural Market. One lucky shopper will be provided with $90 per week for the entire year on a gift card, for a total value of $4,680.

Vitamin Angels is a non-profit group that helps provide availability, access and use of micronutrients, especially vitamin A, among at-risk populations in need.