Let’s continue our conversation with Andrea Rosanoff, Ph.D., about the great importance of the mineral magnesium. In earlier conversations, we discussed magnesium’s role in producing energy, utilizing vitamin D, longevity and heart health. Now, let’s look at the many ways in which magnesium affects nerve and mental health.

Ever been told to drink cranberry juice to ward off a urinary tract infection (UTI)? It turns out this classic home remedy may have some medical merit. In recent years, studies suggest that cranberries can support urinary health in some people.

Embarking on an adventure known as opening and owning a natural grocery store leaves one open to questions, comments and conversation: questions of disbelief, comments of support and conversations—many conversations—about logistics, operations and procedures for everything from the produce coming in the door to the average ticket price walking out.

Why Jonny Bowden's favorite breakfast is not what you'd think!

Jay Jacobowitz

As if there weren’t enough competition…Whole Foods Market decides to compete against itself.

The way human beings behave in groups is truly fascinating. For millennia, humans have lived together, eaten together, raised our young together and suffered losses together. As much as we may applaud individuality, as humans, we’re compelled to feel that there’s strength and comfort in numbers.

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One organization’s efforts to hold mainstream media accountable for its inaccurate portrayal of the dietary supplement industry.

Many of us view social media for our business as a necessary evil: it’s time consuming, we wonder if it works, but we know we must participate to stay relevant and connected to an important segment of our customer base.

I’ve spent a large portion of my career fighting the wrongful demonization of dietary fat, trying to set the record straight, and to reclaim respectability for fat in general, saturated fat in particular, and—most importantly—cholesterol. Now it’s time to take on the whole area of cooking oils.