When Ken Babal and I discussed the health benefits of mushrooms and mushroom extracts in February, we mentioned active hexose correlated compound (AHCC). I was surprised to learn that not many people knew of AHCC’s well-researched health benefits so widely used in Japan. AHCC supports immune system health to protect against and overcome “germs” and tumors. So now, I have called upon AHCC expert and internationally recognized expert on integrative medicine, Fred Pescatore, M.D., M.P.H., to discuss AHCC in more detail.

As with life, words have plain meanings. That is, we all generally expect the basic meaning of a word to be what we know it to be through our experience and education. A “cat” does not mean a “dog.” Instead, they are what we expect them to be just as water is water and blue means blue. Without such commonly accepted meanings, we would be lost at sea, unable to communicate with one another and transmit information. Hence, shared definitions exist that typically transcend time and even cultures.

Jonny Bowden

Five tips for making sure your holiday season remains both healthy and happy.

About a decade or so ago, when Internet buying was starting to get really hot, I remember hearing of an experiment. A man tried living for a year without leaving his house, even banning face-to-face contact with anyone. The challenge was to see how easy it would be to buy everything he needed to live—from apples to toilet paper—online only and to communicate only through e-mail, chat rooms and other Web services.

Jonny Bowden

I haven’t written about GMO foods before because, frankly, I came a bit late to the party. For a long time I wasn’t paying strict attention, concerned as I have been for most of my career with weight loss, diabetes and heart disease. And—full disclosure—I bought into a lot of the arguments put forth by industry, particularly the companies that make this stuff.


The most common issues flagged in FDA Warning Letters.

Detox has moved from health trend to health “must have” for many people. Could internal cleansing be right for you?

What products should you carry? The answer to this question 20 years ago was fairly simple, since natural products weren’t widely available; you just carried them all. But today, with retail competitors in eight separate distribution channels offering some or all of the same products you carry, the answer becomes more complex.

In our October column celebrating Professor Fred A. Kummerow, Ph.D.’s 100th birthday, we discussed his early nutritional scientific achievements that have resulted in the saving of many thousands of people from premature death. We also discussed the deceitful maneuvering of data that resulted in many people believing that dietary cholesterol and saturated fat were factors in heart disease.