The saying, “you’re only as good as the company you keep” applies to people as much as it does to enzymes and their coenzyme support system. Coenzymes are organic molecules that link to enzymes, or protein, and help them accelerate chemical reactions and produce energy. Taking coenzyme Q10, or CoQ10, as a dietary supplement can help ensure that the enzymes in your body will keep the great company of CoQ10.

The good news is that nutrition can greatly reduce injuries and soreness, while improving performance at the same time.

Food recalls really hit home with Americans. From tomatoes to spinach to peppers and now to eggs, recalled foods that should be healthy and safe have us feeling suspicious and misled.

energy drinks

We all know that feeling of the mid-day slump. But, think twice before you grab that energy drink. Conventional energy drinks can have detrimental health consequences. Instead, consider a natural energy drink to keep you engaged and energized throughout the day.

This month, we will chat with Dr. Dyerberg about the details and meaning of these studies.

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Sometimes the things you can't see matter most.

In many households, children’s health is practically on life support. The heart rate slows a little more with each passing day as fruit punch and French fries comprise kids’ daily allowance of fruits and vegetables. For some optimists, a bill that recently passed the Senate jolted this nutrition flat-liner to a healthy pace. To me, though, it’s just putting a small Band-Aid on a major problem.

Fill in the blank: Tens of thousands of kids can benefit from ____________. Did you say vitamins? Exercise? Nutritious meals, perhaps? Well, if you were on the panel of doctors who published a piece in Pediatrics last month, your answer would have been “drugs.” Surprised? Sadly, I’m not.

As a mother, you want to keep your little ones as healthy as possible. So, why not show how dedicated you are to their well-being by using the safest and purest baby products possible?