Last month I told you why I think it’s very hard to take the USDA dietary guidelines very seriously. In fact, I think the whole notion of looking to the government for guidelines on eating is ludicrous. 

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The importance of sustainable and ethically-produced goods is growing in demand in the vegan, organic, and natural foods marketplace. Retail TouchPoints, an online publishing network for retail executives, recently released a new report entitled, Retail Sustainability in an Omnichannel World – Embracing Technology and Data to Educate the Socially Conscious Consumer, which cites a number of studies that further evidences this growing trend.

Are we at a point in history in which a protocol, mostly and exclusively utilized as a solution to various testing parameters, has now become a necessity for not just preventative health, but to even live up to our current life expectancy?


From your skin to your bones and many parts in between, collagen is essential to holding your body together. Unfortunately, collagen production is yet another biological function that slows with age, the effects of which can be felt as aging skin thins and wrinkles or in the ache in your bones as cartilage wears down.

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Let’s examine the powerful therapeutic health benefits and safety of low-carb, high-fat diets on real people in the real world. We’ll clarify some of the facts about low-carb diets and also discuss the outstanding clinical results obtained by Dr. Westman and his associates.

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In elementary school, children learn that Americans have a government that is run for the people by the people. By adolescence, most of us were pretty surprised to learn the staggering reality that money and politics have a huge say in how the world is run. Apparently, even rules about what we eat are fair game for influence by those with deep pockets.

Before I get to what’s wrong with the new USDA Dietary Guidelines, let’s talk for a minute about a bigger issue. Why the heck are we taking nutritional guidance from the government in the first place?

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Over the now three and a half decades I have been on the health and nutrition field, it has always been common knowledge that the independent retailer health food supplement store was the “go to” place for all things health and nutrition. In the beginning, it was the place to go for information in a world that seemed set on keeping the industry at arm’s length and focused on portraying supplements as a fad or idea that would most likely never catch on.