The thyroid is a body part that is easy to forget about. If it’s healthy, you can’t even feel it! Despite its relatively low profile, the thyroid has a very important role, influencing nearly every metabolic process in the body (1).

We have been discussing bone and artery health with Leon Schurgers, Ph.D. In June, we discussed why vitamin K2 was essential for bone health and in July, we examined why vitamin K2 is also essential for healthy arteries. Both involve keeping calcium in the bones and out of the arteries. Even Time magazine is now reporting that calcified arteries are a major risk factor in heart disease. New research indicates that there is more to the vitamin K2 story. Let’s continue our chat with Dr. Schurgers with a discussion about vitamin K2’s role in brain health.

My first trip to Europe was when I was a young boy and Kennedy was still president. Everything seemed so different there, from the public restrooms at the Brussels airport where the men’s and women’s entrances led into the exact same room to the frothy, thick, hot milk in an almost-too-big tasse that I happily slurped in a small Parisian café, leaving a warm, white smear on my face and in my throat. There were no McDonald’s, Starbucks or ubiquitous American sitcoms like Friends. Life, European life, was an alien bustle and blur that never quite lost its seductive grip on my soul.

I have become so accustomed to seeing negative headlines about dietary supplements that they barely jump off the page at me anymore. But recently, I saw a story with such a brazenly false headline on a news/opinion Web site that I couldn’t help but click through: “Your Probiotic Is Probably B.S.”

Jonny Bowden

For the occasion of my first appearance in WholeFoods, I’d like to tell you a bit about me and what to expect from this column.

If you look down the tea aisle of any grocery store, you’re likely to find an array of teas offering remedies for everything from congestion to indigestion. Many of us may have heard of medicinal beverages such as herbal teas, and as shoppers increasingly use them for wellness, it would appear there is some truth to these health claims. The question is, how much truth?

Last month, Leon Schurgers. Ph.D., discussed with us why vitamin K2 was essential for bone health. To the surprise of many, studies continue to show that vitamin K2 is also essential for healthy arteries. Even Time magazine is now reporting that calcified arteries are a major risk factor in heart disease. What is the connection? Let’s discuss it with Dr. Schurgers.

A couple of weeks before my mother passed away, and knowing she soon would, I asked for any advice she would give me. I was 31 at the time. After pausing for a moment, Mom answered, “Try to build something.”

How much time do you think the average expecting couple spends choosing the perfect baby name? Circling options in baby books, bouncing ideas off friends, arguing about spelling…that has to take at least 24 hours spread over nine months, right? Naming a child is a process that can’t be taken lightly, and with good reason. Few of us would want a name that ends up on one of those “Worst Baby Names” lists alongside Apple (sorry, Gwyneth), North West (courtesy of Kim and Kanye) and Tu Morrow (thanks, Rob).