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When you read a supplement or grocery product label, you’ll likely find Supplement or Nutrition Facts stating the nutritional content of the product per serving and how much (on a percentage basis) it contains of the daily value. While it may seem straightforward, there’s a lot more to these numbers than meets the eye.

It is easy to be confused by common statements such as “selenium does this…” or “selenium doesn’t do this…” Such statements imply that all forms of selenium are equal. Well, they’re not. To say selenium does or does not do something is very much like saying that “supplements” do or do not do something.

What is the state of the natural products industry in 2015? For a clear picture, let’s look at what the consumer wants, which has been rapidly changing.

Jonny Bowden

Ever wonder why so many good intentions are forgotten by the second week in January? Here are five great tips for making sure your New Year’s resolutions actually wind up making a difference in your life.

Possibly one of the most famous Person of the Year recognitions in the United States was actually a bandage intended to cover up a faux pas. A ground-breaking aviator who made a pioneering trans-Atlantic flight had inadvertently not made it onto the cover of a popular news magazine that year (1927). To correct their oversight, the editors took a “better late than never” approach by putting him on the cover at yearend and giving him the honor of Person of the Year. Since then, this cover story has been a December tradition, naming the person who most affected the year’s news, either good or bad.

You have probably heard people bragging about their wonderful new juicers and how much fun they’re having with them, and thought this was just another trend that is here today, gone tomorrow. Well, on the contrary, juicing is one of the most efficient and fun ways to get the nutrients your body needs by mixing the most improbable ingredients together.

When Ken Babal and I discussed the health benefits of mushrooms and mushroom extracts in February, we mentioned active hexose correlated compound (AHCC). I was surprised to learn that not many people knew of AHCC’s well-researched health benefits so widely used in Japan. AHCC supports immune system health to protect against and overcome “germs” and tumors. So now, I have called upon AHCC expert and internationally recognized expert on integrative medicine, Fred Pescatore, M.D., M.P.H., to discuss AHCC in more detail.

As with life, words have plain meanings. That is, we all generally expect the basic meaning of a word to be what we know it to be through our experience and education. A “cat” does not mean a “dog.” Instead, they are what we expect them to be just as water is water and blue means blue. Without such commonly accepted meanings, we would be lost at sea, unable to communicate with one another and transmit information. Hence, shared definitions exist that typically transcend time and even cultures.

Jonny Bowden

Five tips for making sure your holiday season remains both healthy and happy.