Some of the most essential elements to our bodies’ natural chemistry are minerals. Eating the right amount of minerals through diet alone can be difficult, so it’s key to understand how and why supplementation can help.

There is widespread agreement that most people will benefit from consuming more fruits and vegetables because they are not eating enough for one reason or another. I hope readers of this column do exceptionally well in vegetable and fruit consumption, but some may have room for improvement or friends and family who need some help.

Truth #1: Competition tends to reduce profit margins by putting downward pressure on retail prices.

Truth #2: The more competition, the greater the pressure to lower prices.

Truth #3: A growing industry will attract more competitors.

Ms. Brown decided to work late one night in the lab. She walked quickly through the dark, empty halls on her way back from the ladies room. She unlocked the door to her empty corner of the lab, fumbling an oversized handbag in one hand and an electronic keycard in the other. As she set her bag down on the counter, Brown noticed a closet door she swore was closed when she left was now slightly ajar.

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) and overactive bladder (OAB) are two common urological problems that Americans suffer from on a daily basis. There’s no need to get sidelined by these issues; several natural products can help.

In mid-April, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) “urged” the addition of selenium as a required nutrient in infant formulas. Selenium has been known to be an essential nutrient for humans since Dr. J.T. Rotruck et al., discovered in 1973 that it is a component of a key body compound. However, research into the roles of selenium in the body continues to grow. Nearly every week, a new study is published elucidating one or more biochemical pathways in which selenium compounds in the body are vital to human health.

The hazy, smoggy skies over Beijing over those March days were emblematic of the Codex meetings that the National Health Federation (NHF) was attending for many days in China. The sun only shimmered as a strange, pale orange globe, casting an ethereal, almost futuristic “Bladerunner” look to the cityscape while city residents glided silently past with white face masks as we Codex delegates and staff worked inside in overheated rooms on international food-additive standards. Given what transpired, the setting seemed apt.

How many times have you felt like standing on a mountaintop and shouting, “Natural supplements are not snake oil and they are regulated!!!”  Well, for all those times of frustration, fate may now be giving you a bit of vindication in an unlikely place: DMAA.

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