The June sun has delivered scorching heat to this industry. Two early summer trips here at WholeFoods showed me, however, that there may be some important ways to beat the heat and let the industry shine through—if we take advantage.

Learn from Jonny Bowden what the recent e-cigarette controversy can teach us about the way nutritional research is portrayed in the media.

With more consumers moving towards healthier products both for their own benefit and the environment, there is a greater need to differentiate and truly “own” who you are as a store, be strong about what you stand for and become a leader in your community.

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Why should I join NPA East?  It’s a question we get regularly from prospective members.  We sometimes get a similar question from current members: Why should I renew my membership in NPA East? For what amounts to about $2.00 a week, it should be an easy decision. But it’s not. Why?

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On behalf of all five regions of the Natural Product Association, we cordially invite independent health and natural product stores to join their respective regions and take advantage of all five of the regional trade shows.  

Let’s continue our conversation with Andrea Rosanoff, Ph.D., about the great importance of the mineral magnesium. In earlier conversations, we discussed magnesium’s role in producing energy, utilizing vitamin D, longevity and heart health. Now, let’s look at the many ways in which magnesium affects nerve and mental health.

Ever been told to drink cranberry juice to ward off a urinary tract infection (UTI)? It turns out this classic home remedy may have some medical merit. In recent years, studies suggest that cranberries can support urinary health in some people.

Embarking on an adventure known as opening and owning a natural grocery store leaves one open to questions, comments and conversation: questions of disbelief, comments of support and conversations—many conversations—about logistics, operations and procedures for everything from the produce coming in the door to the average ticket price walking out.

Why Jonny Bowden's favorite breakfast is not what you'd think!