Former Arkansas Governor and 2007 Natural Products Association (NPA) Keynote Speaker Mike Huckabee continues to stress the need for Americans to improve their lifestyle. I chatted with Governor Huckabee at the 2007 NPA convention and again this year. Huckabee, an avid supporter of dietary supplements, still wants to give citizens more control over their own health care choices.

If you were to close your store tomorrow, what would your customers miss most? I ask the question to help you pinpoint what makes your store different from your competitors.

Whole Foods Market has been aggressively trying to shake the “Whole Paycheck” reputation for years, but a recent tweet by a faithful shopper may have set the chain back a few steps back in this endeavor.

The questions I get most frequently, and my answers to them.

A recent report on organic food and beverage shoppers suggests that there has been a growing distrust and discounting of organic certification over the past few years. So, we would like to take a moment to voice our support for our certified organic farmers and to acknowledge their significant achievements.

During the past several columns, we have discussed the greatly unappreciated role of magnesium in health with Andrea Rosanoff, Ph.D. This month, we will conclude the series in which Dr. Rosanoff has been so helpful by considering a few more special health situations and then summarizing magnesium needs, calcium–magnesium balance and briefly reviewing magnesium’s role in health.


Wikipedia has been touted by some as the people’s encyclopedia, a collaborative effort where anyone and everyone can submit his or her own entries or edits to entries in the encyclopedia. In reality, though, there are editors and these editors most definitely have biases that are reflected in the Wikipedia entries.

When we think of modern medicine, the first thoughts that come to mind are pills and maybe the liquid form that you are only supposed to take a teaspoon of. But what if there have been different forms of medicine around us for centuries that you’re missing out on?