As our nation becomes savvier in the supermarket, more and more people are questioning the benefits of the food they are putting in their bodies. New on many shoppers’ radars are GMOs. Genetically engineered (GE), or genetically modified organisms (GMOs), are any plants or animals that have had their DNA altered in some unnatural way.

“The teachings of this book can save the lives of millions worldwide,” I stated on the cover of Frank Murray’s new book, Vitamin A and Beta-Carotene Are Miracle Workers. Since the early 1970s, I have had the greatest admiration for Mr. Murray, his books and his many contributions to the health industry. Murray has been a soldier in the battle to preserve the health industry and make people healthier.

Last month, WholeFoods Magazine published its largest-ever survey of independent U.S. retailers representing nearly one-million square feet and $665 million in natural products sales. Retailers large and small, from every part of the country, responded to the survey questionnaire, giving us a full and balanced view of natural food and supplement retailing in 2012.

How did you feel after you learned California’s Proposition 37 (which would have been the first state requirement to label genetically modified organisms, or GMOs) failed?

Turmeric is a widely known kitchen staple that is used in foods ranging from curry to ballpark mustard. Turmeric is derived from the rhizomes, or underground stems, of the Curcuma longa plant. Found within turmeric are powerful curcuminoids, which are fat-soluble polyphenolic pigments that give this spice its vibrant yellow color. Curcumin is the most prevalent curcuminoid found in turmeric, and has recently gained popularity in supplement form for its health benefits that stem from it acting as an antioxidant and fighting inflammation (1).

Despite thousands of supportive studies spanning more than 40 years showing dietary omega-3 fats EPA and DHA protect against heart disease, the recent publication of a study on the effectiveness of fish oil in heart patients has confused many. One confounding factor was that most of the media sensationalized the story with totally incorrect headlines.



 We left off in Part One with this: “The facilitated session ended, as had all of the others, with no consensus on ractopamine. But, as it turned out, finding consensus on ractopamine at this meeting had never been in the game plan for the pro-ractopamine forces.”

I thought I was prepared. Like most New Jerseyans, my husband and I had been following news of Hurricane Sandy and did everything we could to meet her head on. The patio furniture was secured, an über-load of clothing was laundered, the bare essentials were stockpiled, ice packs were in the freezer, and food that could be eaten cold was prepared.

Confidence and health are vital for men and women inside and outside of the bedroom. When sexual desire, performance and health decline over time, we blame age as hormone levels and functionality change. However, the way you feel about yourself doesn’t have to change, too. Many natural remedies can help the body cope with physical and emotional changes to benefit libido and sexual well-being.