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With a fairly predictable regularity of once a decade or so, the general media likes to write articles questioning the safety of vitamin E supplements. It’s called “sensationalism press.” The idea is to get attention by going against common knowledge. It gains attention and sells papers. It’s fairly routine, but in August, I was really astonished to read two articles. One was entitled “An Overdose of Vitamin E Can Kill,” published on (1).

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This last weekend, I attended a seminar in San Diego, and one of the sponsors was Bulletproof Coffee.

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In a highly followed litigation (CRN and NPA filed a number of amicus briefs), United States v. Bayer Corp (US District Court for New Jersey) the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission sought an Order holding Bayer in contempt of Court alleging that Bayer had violated the terms of a consent decree that required that the company posses "competent and reliable scientific evidence to substantiate its dietary supplement claims".  This is the general standard that FTC requires for substantiation of all dietary supplement claims (see FTC Dietary Supplement Business Guide).

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Our customers trust us, and that is no small thing. And because they trust us, they trust the companies we trust.  “If you’re stocking it,” they say, “I know it must be good.”


Why is it so difficult to convince some people that multivitamins are a worthwhile part of the kids’ health package?

Here’s a quick question for you: Can you name three supplements that almost everyone on the planet could benefit from taking?

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As a nation, we’re facing an emerging public health issue that could negatively impact the cognitive health of our children. As an industry, we have a chance to make a real difference.


As we get older, our skin starts to lose the firmness and moisture that came with youth. So starts the search for the perfect product to regain plump skin and a dewy complexion. One trending ingredient category has captured the interest of beauty shoppers: phytoceramides. Should you give them a try?

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It’s quite simple! According to the predominance of the scientific evidence, the higher the levels of glutathione in cells, on average, the longer the lifespan and the better health.