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Celiac Disease, Jaqui Karr

The Celiac 1% Myth and Why the Real Numbers Matter

You need to know the real gluten facts because people at all stages of illness are constantly crossing your path and they think they’re...

Should I Take Iodine Supplements for My Thyroid?

Iodine is absolutely vital for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland. And the proper functioning of the thyroid gland is essential for a...
What's Selling

What’s Selling: October 2016

What’s Selling is a monthly review of the best-selling products determined from unit sales at six natural products stores around the country, rotated from...
lifestyle disease

Guilt Trip

As the WholeFoods team closes out this month’s issue, we are already setting up for our November coverage. In preparation, I’ve been researching a...
consumer bulletin

Amino Acids: The Building Blocks of Life

Amino acids are biologically important organic compounds that are needed for energy, to digest food and to maintain optimal health. When joined in a...

Menopause and Pueraria mirifica Update

Perhaps the question I am asked most often during question-and-answer sessions after lectures—and even from my lay-friends—is about safe and effective natural help for...

FDA Issues Revised New Dietary Ingredient Draft Guidance for Supplements

Editor’s Note: This article is intended for information purposes only. The opinions expressed here are not necessarily those of the publisher. Because state and...
Judy Blatman, CRN

Bloggers and the Information Domino Effect

Someone on my staff keeps sugar in the freezer because that’s what her mother told her to do. She does it, her mother does...

Aloe Vera Products: The Importance of IASC Certification

Recent class action lawsuits for aloe vera products may have retailers rethinking the importance of third-party certification for the products that they sell—just ask...

The Irrefutable Facts about Glyphosate and Gluten Reaction

Word on the street is that gluten isn’t bad; that glyphosate and only modern wheat and how we process it is the true evil....