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Vegan Egg Replacer

Sioux Natural introduces Veggan, a plant-based egg substitute that matches the nutritional and functional properties of whole eggs in baking. Veggan can be used...


CocoSweet+ with Stevia is new from Steviva Ingredients. This natural sweetener is said to be twice as sweet as sugar with a subtle hint...

Joint Chewables

Valensa International added Flex Pro ES Chewables to its family of Flex Pro joint health products. The sugar-free tablets contain Zanthin Natural Astaxanthin, Flexuron...
Supplier Briefs

Supplier Briefs: November 2016

InterHealth Nutraceuticals, Inc., Benicia, CA, announced that a paper on Zychrome has been accepted for publication in Food & Nutrition Research. This study found...
Supplier Briefs

Supplier Briefs: October 2016

The 24th study has been published on GanedenBC30, with findings appearing in the PeerJ journal. The University of Tampa and Increnovo LLC found the...
Raw Materials

Raw Material World

Consumers demand a great deal of their supplements these days, which places pressure on raw materials suppliers and ingredient manufacturers. The products lining your...
contract manufacturer

Secrets for Picking the Perfect Manufacturing Partner

Interesting product idea? Check. Perfect formulation? Check. Great marketing plan? Check. Distribution? Check. Millions of dollars worth of analytical and manufacturing equipment at the ready? Uh…no. Many companies have...

Pulse Protein, Flour

Ingredion Inc. made four additions to its line of pulse proteins and flours: VITESSENCE Pulse CT 3602 faba bean protein concentrate, VITESSENCE Pulse CT...

Oxidation Protection

Kemin FORTRA natural plant extract was designed to be a resource in the fight against oxidation and degradation. Derived from spearmint (Mentha spicata L.),...
sweet potato

Sweet Potato Sweeteners

Carolina Innovative Ingredients, Inc. has launched four new sweet potato ingredients. Carolina Original cloudy sweet potato juice is nutrient dense and adds flavor, color...