PCC Natural Markets

2016 Retailer of the Year

You’re certainly familiar with the old adage: “The customer is always right.” For most retailers and business owners, this represents a need to appease...
Prepared Foods

Prepped and Ready to Go

According to the 2015 WholeFoods Retailer Survey, perishable foods such as produce, juice bars, deli offerings and refrigerated prepared foods continue to define the...

Indulging in Sustainability

Tips for reaching eco-minded gourmet shoppers through sustainability. A great deal of gourmet brands and products are going the way of organic to invoke sustainability....


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Making Calories Count

Say “weight management” and most people think exercise and calorie counting. While exercise is essential, is a blanket recommendation to concentrate on low-cal meals outdated?

Putting Your Best Paw Forward

Pet food, treats, remedies and grooming products for your store.As consumers educate themselves about potential contaminants and toxic ingredients in products, they are not...

Discovery Zones at Expo West

Plan for an immersive experience at this year's event. Get ready for five days jam-packed with new sights, seminars and products. Natural Products Expo West,...

The World of Culinary Oils

What you need to know before your oil hits a hot pan.Whether your customers are devout foodies or just cooking to sustain themselves, anyone...

Fermented Is Here to Stay

Fermented food and why consumers want it. Chances are you have fermented products on your shelves, and for good reason, people want them. According to...

Caveman Convenience

While the Paleo diet may be inspired by ancient hunter-gatherers, modern consumers are as partial as ever to the convenience of Paleo snacks.For...