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What to Expect of Probiotics in Pregnancy

Pregnant women want the best for their babies: no more alcohol, tobacco or other harmful substances. Healthy meals and exercise are a given. When...
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Ordinary or Extraordinary

Our marketplace is changing…what feels like daily. Natural and organic offerings are exploding in places you would have never thought as consumers look for...
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Is Joining a Trade Association Going to Make Any Difference to Your Business?

Only if you want to stay in business! If you think you’re up against it now, see what happens if there is no one...
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The News of Our Death is Greatly Exaggerated

Many (many) years ago I began my career in this industry as a retail manager. The fact that the chain (once among the largest)...

The Time is now, or (very likely) never!

Let’s start by saying this as early and forcefully as I can. In my 25 years as a member of the natural products industry,...
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Fight Fire with Proof

The Organic & Natural Health Association is taking a proactive approach, launching a consumer education campaign and nutrient research agenda, starting with peer-reviewed, published research on the power of vitamin D. 

2016: Let’s Be Proactive on Research

In the month of January, I will hear myself say “Happy New Year” 300 times, at least. As a pathological optimist, I welcome this...

Is 2016 The Year The Industry Grows Up?

If you consider 1994—the year the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) was passed—as the beginning or birth of the modern dietary supplements...

What’s In Your Aloe Vera?

Perhaps it is just a sign of the times that a year that started with the actions of the New York Attorney General against...

Here We Go Again

This has definitely been the year of negative media throughout the dietary supplement industry. The omega-3 segment, long the darling of the industry with...