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vitamin retailers,

Sell Vitamins? Know the Regs

The Dietary Supplement Health Education Act (DSHEA) of 1994 are federal regulations governing the manufacturing and marketing of dietary supplements, which includes most vitamin...
coconut oil

Special Report: Coconut Oil

One of the most important questions a company can ask is: how can I truly help my customers? This can come in many forms—from delivering...

New NDI Guidance: Far From Complete

On August 11, 2016, FDA issued an updated revised draft guidance on new dietary ingredients used in dietary supplements which replaces draft guidance the...

Woodman, Spare That Tree

I recently witnessed a small tree being cut down in a very uncaring manner. It was still alive and thriving. Apparently, someone feared that...

Design Your Own Water

Few things are more valuable than that which is free—namely, water. And yet, we read and see crises in places like Flint, MI, where...

Shopping Shifts at NY NOW

  Walking the NY NOW show in August is like shopping the world for the very best gifts that you want all for yourself. It...

Gum as a Fashion Accessory

There is evidence that chewing gum existed throughout several ancient cultures, all in some form of tree sap. It was not until the invention...
Brussels sprouts

Why I Can’t Afford Brussels Sprouts: Surmounting the High Cost of Organic Food

I acquired a taste for brussels sprouts fairly late in life as they were not common fare at our family dinner table. A leafy...

The New Marketing Tool

As a retailer, there are so many hats to wear, it is often daunting to "do it all." Between all issues that relate to...

Bringing Health Back to the Pharmacy

    Pharmacies, by definition, are where we get medication when we’re sick. That’s not what they have become. They are a hot spot of health...