The Misled Athlete ($16.95, 164 pp) by Carl Germano is a guide to eating and training like an athlete without using artificial sports supplements or illegal substances. Germano covers a range of topics including food consumption, hydration, exercise and the use of natural supplements. He provides a plethora of charts and examples to help explain how to create a safe, effective training plan for an athlete.
iUniverse, 1663 Liberty Drive Bloomington, IN 47403

Health at Gunpoint ($14.95, 162 pp) gives readers a close look at the Food and Drug Administration. Author James J Gormley, an award-winning editor and journalist, exposes the FDA’s opposition to natural health products and how the organization is trying to limit access to dietary supplements in the United States. The book provides a history of the natural health movement and features charts and supplementary information.
SquareOne Publishers, 115 Herricks Road Garden City Park, NY 11040

Fish Market: A Cookbook for Selecting and Preparing Seafood ($22.00,  248 pp) by Kathy Hunt is a cookbook for all seafood lovers. The book is organized by seafood type, from bivalves to different kinds of fish, and offers information on the nutritional value of each category of seafood, as well as instructions on how to prepare it within a number of recipes. Hunt also provides recipes for side dishes to serve along with the seafood centerpieces.
Running Press, 2300 Chestnut Street Philadelphia, PA 19103

Meetings and Awakenings: The Coevolution of Plants and People (142 pp) by Ric  Scalzo and Greg Cumberford urges readers to get in touch with nature and reach out to plants as humans always have. The authors assert that plants have been evolving with humans to benefit them in a semi-symbiotic relationship. The book features vibrant color photos and is free to access online.
Gaia Herbs, 101 Gaia Herbs Drive Brevard, NC 28712

The Dinnertime Survival Cookbook ($22.00, 256 pp) by Debra Ponzek with Mary Goodbody is a cookbook accessible to all levels of cooking skill. The recipes require only a few simple ingredients and are perfect for busy families. With recipes for burgers, soups, salads, desserts, and more, there’s something for everybody in this cookbook.
Running Press, 2300 Chestnut Street Philadelphia, PA 19103

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Low-Fat Vegan Cooking ($18.95, 303 pp) brings low-fat, plant-based foods to your kitchen table. Written by Bo Rinaldi, a chef, entrepreneur and co-owner of the Blossoming Lotus restaurant in Portland, Oregon, this book not only provides over 200 recipes for any time of day (including snacks to fill those pesky between meal cravings), but an outline of vitamins, minerals, protein and good fats essential to optimal health.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Vegan Slow Cooking ($16.95, 292 pp) by Beverly Lynn Bennett proves you don’t need to sacrifice taste for health. By adapting traditional slow cooking techniques to a vegan lifestyle, Bennett serves up over 200 plant-based recipes including “Jalapeno and Green Chilie Grits,” “Mama Mia Minestrone,” “Veggie Lasagna,” and “Ratatouille.”

Crazy Sexy Kitchen ($29.95, 286 pp) is the latest vegan cookbook by The New York Times Best-Selling author and “wellness warrior” Kris Car. Co-authored by Chef Chad Sarno, the 150 plant-empowered recipes are designed to ignite a “mouthwatering revolution” and promote a healthy lifestyle. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will never be the same after tasting these recipes: “Crazy Sexy Breakfast Tacos” “Warm Kale and Quinoa Salad,” and “Squash Pasta with Sage Pesto.”

Guy Gourmet: Great Chef’s Amazing Meals for a Lean and Healthy Body ($24.00, 320 pp) is the first cookbook from Men’s Health magazine. Written by Adina Steiman and Paul Kita, the book includes over 150 recipes from the country’s best chefs including Thomas Keller, Rick Bayless and Kenny Callaghan. Guy Gourmet is packed with nutritious dishes like “Grilled Fish Tacos with Chipotle Crema,” “Backyard Baby Back Ribs,” and “Crab Cakes.” It’s the perfect book for beginners and experts alike.