The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) has released the third edition of Vitamin and Mineral Safety, which includes the trusted recommendations of Tolerable Upper Intake Levels (ULs) of supplements. The ULs are science-based and factor in dietary intake.

Council for Responsible Nutrition, 1828 L St., NW, Ste. 510, Washington, DC 20036,


Love Your Skin, Love Yourself: Achieve Beauty, Health, and Vitality from the Inside Out and Outside In ($13.99, 160 pp) is a new top-seller by Rachel Pontillo, a board-certified holistic health coach. The book is a collection of natural and holistic means to achieving healthy, good-looking skin. Pontillo also covers how to cope with the emotional struggles that bad skin can cause.

Author and Family Chef Amy Fothergill has published The Warm Kitchen: Gluten Free Recipes Anyone Can Make and Everyone Will Love ($26.95,264 pp). The cookbook contains over 150 gluten-free recipes with tips and easy-to-follow instructions so even the least experienced gluten-free cooks can learn how to make everything from carrot cake to bagels to chicken pot pie.

World Food Café: Quick and Easy ($29.95, 208 pp), written by husband and wife team Chris and Carolyn Caldicott, is a vegetarian cookbook with over 100 different recipes from around the world. Recipes include “Pho Noodle Soup” from Vietnam, “Jeweled Aubergine” from Syria and “Crispy Rice Cakes” from Laos.

Honest Tea founders Seth Goldman and Barry Nalebuff have published Mission In A Bottle: The Honest Guide to Doing Business Differently – and Succeeding ($23.00, 288 pp). In graphic-book format, Goldman and Nalebuff tell their story of how they built Honest Tea and offer business insights to beginner entrepreneurs.

Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D.’s The Fatigue and Fibromyalgia Solution ($15.00, 320 pp) provides cutting-edge research and scientific information about treating chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and their often dismissed symptoms. Teitelbaum presents the SHINE protocol for addressing Sleep, Hormonal support, Infections, Nutritional support and Exercise.

Honey experts C. Marina Marchese and Kim Flottum have put together The Honey Connoisseur: Selecting, Tasting, and Pairing Honey, With a Guide to More than 30 Varietals ($26.95, 256 pp). This text offers explanations and step-by-step instructions about the origin and flavor of more than 30 varietals of honey, wine and cheese pairings and simple recipes featuring honey.

Kale ($14.95, 192 pp) is a guide to one of the world’s most powerful superfoods. Author Stephanie Pedersen starts by telling readers all about the nutrients that kale offers and its anti-inflammation and wellness benefits. The fun-to-read guide offers 75 kale recipes and a guide for growing kale.

A new book from Jay and Linda Kordich gives readers everything they need to know about the power of juice and living foods. Live Foods Live Bodies! ($18.95, 228 pp) is divided into three sections. Part one talks about Jay Kordich’s recovery from cancer through healing juices; part two covers how to transition to a living foods diet; and part three offers 100 recipes.