The Kardea Gourmet ($24.95, 232 pp), by Richard Collins, M.D. and Robert Leighton with Susan Bucklet, R.D., explores the Mediterranean diet, a heart-healthy “eating solution” that remedies common concerns such as elevated cholesterol, blood pressure and weight gain with various eating strategies and cooking techniques. The book includes recipes and explores themes including weight management, nutritional supplements and balancing the love of junky eating with heart-healthy eating.


Babycakes Covers the Classics ($25.00 143 pp), by Erin McKenna, is a recipe book filled with healthful desserts that are vegan and gluten-, wheat-, soy-, casein-, egg-, and refined sugar-free. Some recipes include cakes, cookies, breakfast items, ice cream creations, sweet snacks and donuts. In the very first pages, McKenna, the chef and owner of BabyCakes NYC, introduces readers to vegan cooking with a Q&A, and additionally starts off each section with her own personal statement to ensure a smooth and enjoyable baking experience.


Locavore Adventures ($22.95, 240 pp), by Jim Weaver, is part recipe book, part memoir. It recounts the story of Weaver's time as a restaurant owner angered with the middleman's negative interference with the quality of his produce orders. Weaver soon discovered the Slow Food Movement, which promises "to preserve and protect local foods and local food traditions" as part of its message. The book chronicles his journey in the movement, and his efforts to build a strong, locally-grown food culture.


Eat Your Way to Sexy ($16.95, 242 pp), by Elizabeth Somer, M.A., R.D., brings a sexy spin to dieting. The book outlines the S-Ex-Y (Sensual Extraordinary You) Diet, as well as tips and tricks to make readers feel attractive and comfortable in their own skin. Small changes to your daily diet can make the biggest differences, according to Somer. To prove this, she includes graphs and statistics of calories burned in a day by completing routine tasks. The book empathizes weight loss through moderation and activities, but also wants the reader to have fun and feel sexy while doing so, too.


The Whole Family Cookbook ($17.95, 181 pages), by Michelle Stern, offers fun and low-budget ways to teach families about eating healthy, locally and organically. Parents benefit with advice on when to buy the freshest produce while cutting costs, and kids have fun with color-coded instructions for snacks like Salty Pretzel Pillows and Wish-For-a-Fish Pasta. The book contains over 75 recipes that are colorful and easy to understand, making this a cookbook the whole family can reference and enjoy together.


The Portable Pediatrician ($21.99, 575 pages), by William Sears, MD, Martha Sears, RN, Robert Sears, MD, James Sears, MD and Peter Sears, MD, has been added to family of doctors' bestselling parenting guides. The book is an encyclopedic health reference covering birth through adolescence, including information on common illnesses and emergencies, advice on raising children and choosing a pediatrician and first aid necessities and practices. This Sears aim to provide families with answers to any questions regarding the difficult process of raising happy and healthy children.


Integrative Herbalism ($4.99, 48 pages) by Christopher Hobbs, Ph.D., a fourth generation herbalist, illustrates the new science and healthful applications of herbal medicine via natural botanicals. In the book, Hobbs explains how these botanicals can help fight inflammation, strengthen immune function, fight infection, build natural energy, promote liver health, ease menopause and avoid stress risks through herbal remedies and changes to lifestyle and diet. According to the author, all findings are supported by modern research as well as thousands of years of traditional practices.


No Guts, No Glory ($18.95) by Steven Lamm, M.D. (known as the “House Doctor” on ABC’s The View) with Sidney Stevens, proves that to achieve total wellness, you have to start with your gut. Lamm introduces a three-step system; beginning with the Gut-Smart Eating Plan by eating natural, raw foods that contain live digestive enzymes, followed by Detoxification and finishing with Restoring by replenishing your body's probiotics and prebiotics. Included is a questionnaire to identify problem areas, and a personalized plan depending on need.


The Gardener & The Grill ($20.00, 192 pages) by Karen Adler and Judith Fertig, shows grilling from a new and different angle. The book takes a “garden to grill” sustainability approach, by choosing only the best plants for growing and cooking on the grill. These will accompany grilled meat favorites or can be served as meal of their own. All 125 recipes for soups, skewers, salad and other entrees contain fresh ingredients capable of growing right in the readers’ backyards.