EstroG-100 (57 pp), by Judi Quilici Timmcke, Ph.D., explains the discovery and use of EstroG-100, a product that has achieved global success as a next-generation solution for menopause.

The Simply Raw Living Foods Detox Manual ($18.95, 176 pp), by Natasha Kyssa, outlines a 28-day detoxification program, which includes only raw and “living” foods. It is a gentle, effective method to cleanse the body of toxins and provides optimal nourishment for healing.

Health and Beauty from the Rainforest ($29.50, 256 pp) offers a detailed description of Ramuan, the Malaysian art of healing. Through extensive pictures and clear text, the book covers everything from food to massage, and even elaborates on a bit of Malaysian history and tradition throughout the pages. This book draws on the expertise of Malaysian and international scholars, traditional healthcare practitioners and scholars.

Omega3 Cuisine ($19.95, 191 pp), by Alan Roettinger and Udo Erasmus, presents mouthwatering do-it-yourself recipes for health and pleasure. This book offers savory suggestions on how to integrate essential fats for a wholesome lifestyle. From sauces to salad and everything in between, this fun book is sure to delight any palate.

Spices ($29.95, 127 pp), by Fabienne Gambrelle, brings you a wonderful two-book compilation: The History of Spices and The Flavor of Spices. Each book is beautifully embossed and encased in a hard-covered binding tied with a ribbon. The content of each book doesn’t disappoint, as they both detail the vast evolution of spices.

Clean Food ($19.95, 304 pp), by Terry Walters, provides more than 200 healthy recipes. This book is intended to be a go-to source for maintaining vitality throughout the year. The featured tips coincide with the seasons and are made from some of the most nutritious and delicious ingredients known to mankind.