The movement to make egg production go cage-free has seen continued growth in the last number of years. In response, quite a few large restaurants, bakery chains and food suppliers have promised to switch to solely cage-free eggs.

What If?

What if I could share two words with you that can make a real difference in your life? What if by using these two words in our thought processes, we discover that it can change everything? Don't like the way some things are going with work? Change them. Don't like the way a relationship is moving forward? Do something different. I’m not advocating quitting our jobs or breaking up or getting a divorce. What I am stating, pure and simply is, make different choices.

arctic apples gmo

In 2015, Canadian-based Okanagan Specialty Fruits (OSF) announced the introduction of genetically engineered Arctic Granny Smith and Arctic Golden Delicious apples into the U.S. market, as a result of a $41-million dollar merger with Intrexon, a Maryland-based synthetic biology company with interests in the genetically engineered salmon and livestock industry. The two new varieties use controversial gene silencing to prohibit browning.

dr. Nicholas DiNubile, M.D.

Bone and joint problems are the number one reason for doctor's visits in the United States. While there are several reasons a person might encounter joint problems (e.g., athletic injury, genetic predispositions), it also results from the normal wear and tear associated with getting older. In essence, our longevity outlasts our durability. We are living much longer and trying to stay active well into our later years and asking more from our bodies. Being active at an older age increases the risk for injury because with age, our musculoskeletal system becomes more vulnerable. Thankfully, there are ways to extend the warranty on our frames.

food weighing

The food industry has highly specific requirements when it comes to weighing practices. Today, weighing technology is designed to support large-scale production under harsh conditions with complete precision. Advanced conveyor scales are feature-rich, user-friendly, safe to use and fully flexible to ensure optimum productivity and quality assurance. Since hygiene is of paramount importance for the food industry, modern conveyor belt scales are made to comply with EHEGD specifications. The latest weighing applications facilitate optimum use of raw materials, can be easily connected to the inventory management system, and can be integrated with different software applications for real-time traceability. Every step of the food processing industry be it production, packaging, or shipping needs to be monitored, recorded and documented precisely from start to finish. Weighing equipment plays a crucial role right from the time raw materials are brought and measured till the time they are shipped.    

denmark organic

The Danish organic industry began more than 25 years ago. The Danish organic movement now claims that the purchase of organic foods has helped to remove more than three million kilos of poisonous substances from the environment while protecting the Danish water supply from hazardous chemicals.

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For a brand like Country Life Vitamins—which has embraced and advocated transparency since 1971—the recent rise in organic, gluten free and non-GMO products is welcome news. Consumers have the right to know precisely what is in their supplements, and 56% of them say better labeling of product and nutritional information builds trust.[1] It’s statistics like those that reinforce our job as manufacturers to make them feel comfortable with the labels.

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Even nutritionists and other healthcare professionals may be feeling a little dizzy by the emerging science related to saturated fats and heart disease. USC School of Pharmacy Research Professor Roger Clemens, DrPH, CFS, CNS, FIFT, FACN, FIAFST, discussed the confusion this has created during the recent Palm International Nutra-Cosmeceutical Conference.

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Vitamin retailers are in a particularly powerful position to make sure they only offer the highest quality dietary supplements. But when it comes to deciding which supplements to carry, there is such a wide range of quality available that it can be difficult to decide which ones to choose. Below are questions retailers can ask of supplement manufacturers to help assure they only stock quality product.