sausalito school organic food lunch

Schools in California’s Sausalito Marin City District are the first in the nation to serve their students 100 percent organic meals, sustainably sourced and free from genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

organic baby food

Pediatricians and leading health organizations agree that the journey to a raising a vibrant, healthy little one who’s ready to take on the world begins with getting the basics right: that means plenty of whole, nutrient-dense foods such as vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, essential fats, calcium rich foods and whole grains.

kosher certification

As the food industry continues to become ever transparent, the number of certifications appearing on product labels is growing by leaps and bounds.

I thought I knew what to expect when I made my way to Las Vegas, January 6-9, for the 2016 Consumer Electronic Show: more apps, more wearables, more short-cuts and more data. Yes, there was plenty of that on the show floor, however, what was most exciting about this year’s CES was all of the unexpected ways technology is predicted to influence our lives.

As a native New Yorker I like to think, if you can make in this city, you can make it anywhere. Similarly, the products showcased at the annual winter Outdoor Retailer Show—which took place this January 7th to 10th in Salt Lake City, UT—are the best of the best. Made to withstand extreme conditions, if an outdoor product passes muster with the OR crowd, it’s a winner.


The movement to make egg production go cage-free has seen continued growth in the last number of years. In response, quite a few large restaurants, bakery chains and food suppliers have promised to switch to solely cage-free eggs.

What If?

What if I could share two words with you that can make a real difference in your life? What if by using these two words in our thought processes, we discover that it can change everything? Don't like the way some things are going with work? Change them. Don't like the way a relationship is moving forward? Do something different. I’m not advocating quitting our jobs or breaking up or getting a divorce. What I am stating, pure and simply is, make different choices.

arctic apples gmo

In 2015, Canadian-based Okanagan Specialty Fruits (OSF) announced the introduction of genetically engineered Arctic Granny Smith and Arctic Golden Delicious apples into the U.S. market, as a result of a $41-million dollar merger with Intrexon, a Maryland-based synthetic biology company with interests in the genetically engineered salmon and livestock industry. The two new varieties use controversial gene silencing to prohibit browning.

dr. Nicholas DiNubile, M.D.

Bone and joint problems are the number one reason for doctor's visits in the United States. While there are several reasons a person might encounter joint problems (e.g., athletic injury, genetic predispositions), it also results from the normal wear and tear associated with getting older. In essence, our longevity outlasts our durability. We are living much longer and trying to stay active well into our later years and asking more from our bodies. Being active at an older age increases the risk for injury because with age, our musculoskeletal system becomes more vulnerable. Thankfully, there are ways to extend the warranty on our frames.