A fish oil manufacturer put their BLOOD, sweat and tears forward to prove the value of their products.

There’s currently a tremendous “buzz” around QR codes and their usefulness as a successful marketing tool. 

Nancy Trent

A shop around the New York Gift Show with my trend-spotting eye revealed that everyday items are being packaged as gifts.

How businesses can take advantage of Twitter’s promotional power.

I returned from the Summer Fancy Food Show a little fuller and lot more educated. 

Geoff Robinson

If you want an advantage in today’s market, create a mobile plan NOW, beginning with QR Codes and mobile landing pages! 

Most American-trained physicians know very little about supplemental enzymes and rarely discuss their potential to their patients. Many are looking for digestive aids, natural arthritis remedies or inflammation support, and enzymes may offer some support in this areas.

Examples of how QR codes can be implemented and become an important part of an effective marketing strategy.

Geoffrey Robinson

QR codes are the next buzz word for marketing, and the next wave in scan technology.