A growing portion of the population is trying to live healthier lives.  But at the same time, there are others who are proactively making it harder for people to achieve a better level of health.

How can you tell if the cosmetics or cleaning products that line store shelves are the level of natural that you expect?

In some pockets of the country, the word “recycle” has seemingly become a fallback, catch-all phrase, eclipsing the other two members of the eco-mantra trio: reduce and reuse. As I interacted with people dressed as the Bag Monster (www.bagmonster.com), a costume covered with 500 single-use plastic bags (what an average American is estimated to use in a single-year), I heard many saying “I use a recycle bag,” referring to their reusable bag.

Why is everyone on FaceBook and why would a business be on FaceBook?

Social media doesn't have to cost money or take tons of time.

How to harness the power of video marketing to earn your business extra sales.

Every industry has its challenges…and the dietary supplement industry is certainly no exception.  But as the saying goes, every challenge also presents an opportunity.  When it comes to the challenges within the supplement industry, one important concern lies with companies making overreaching claims and irresponsibly advertising products. This is an area where more education about what supplements do (and don’t do) can also be accomplished.

Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports either lacks understanding of bitter orange’s chemistry or failed to carefully review the scientific literature.

Blogging is a way to share your thoughts and spread your circle of influence out into the Internet. It’s like an online diary of sorts. Each entry is dated, titled, and is searchable. These entries are called “posts.”