Geoff Robinson

If you want an advantage in today’s market, create a mobile plan NOW, beginning with QR Codes and mobile landing pages! 

Most American-trained physicians know very little about supplemental enzymes and rarely discuss their potential to their patients. Many are looking for digestive aids, natural arthritis remedies or inflammation support, and enzymes may offer some support in this areas.

Examples of how QR codes can be implemented and become an important part of an effective marketing strategy.

Geoffrey Robinson

QR codes are the next buzz word for marketing, and the next wave in scan technology.

There's an all-out war against single-use plastics. As a retailer, can you afford to sit on the sidelines?

what is it about this little blue bird that has captivated the minds of so many fans globally? How and for what can we best use Twitter and why?

Several months ago, I read about a Swami who prohibited his followers from using plastic bags.  I myself was mortified when I realized I was eating organic food daily with a plastic fork and knife.

Search Engine Optimization, search engine marketing, Search Engine management and then we have all the acronyms.  But truly what is Search Engine Optimization and how can it help us in marketing our web sites or in some way help our business?

With 2011 quickly approaching, I wanted to make sure you knew about the momentum that is building behind the reusable bag movement and the positive impact it will have on the retail shopping industry.