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Aspen, CO—A summit on sustainability featuring presentations, film screenings, and a host of influential activists and leaders took place at the Hotel Jerome from August 10–13. The 11th annual American Renewable Energy Day (AREDAY) summit was hosted by the non-profit American Renewable Energy Institute, and included the likes of former President Jimmy Carter, Ted Turner, T. Boone Pickens, Dr. Sylvia Earle, CNN anchor Natalie Allen and U.S. Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado.

Jonny Bowden

Can protein powders help you lose weight? Can they help you build muscle? And does it matter which kind you buy?

­­Let’s say you traded your quiet ho-hum life for one filled with fame and glory. Sure, the dollars that come with prominence in our society are bountiful, but after a while, thorns would start to grow. Lost quality time with those who knew you from the beginning would weigh heavily, intense pressure to excel would build, and even the simple pleasure of “being yourself” would become a distant memory. And then, there’s the unsettling feeling of knowing that one day, you could fall out of favor with the public. Picking up the pieces after such rejection would be crushing.

Marlton, NJ—In July, Consumer Reports released an analysis that found the sugar content in Whole Foods Market’s private label Greek yogurt is far higher than the amount listed on the package. Now, lawsuits have been filed in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Massachusetts on behalf consumers over the allegedly misleading labels.

According to Bob Phibbs, “The Retail Doctor,” on The Kinesis Blog, it takes less than 0.05 seconds for online users to form an opinion about a Web site (1). This impression forms users’ opinions about a company and dictates whether they will stay or leave the site. As a business, it is important to develop a cohesive, professional brand on your Web site—and to overhaul it when the time is right.