consumer bulletin

You’re at the grocery store and remember you need cleaning products. You’re drawn to the earth-toned bottles. Must be environmentally friendly, right? But, two discrete, yet alarming statements on the bottle of stain remover catch your eye. “May be fatal or cause permanent damage” and “Will penetrate skin and attack underlying tissues and bone.” Are you sure you still want to use that?

vitamin connection

Once upon a time, in this vast land of ours, it was not known that people needed a vital compound in food that would later be called “vitamin E.” Then, scientists discovered this life-enabling compound, determined it was dietary essential for humans and learned everything that needed to be known about it. And, everyone lived happily and healthily ever after. Wait a minute. That’s a fairy tale. That’s not what has happened at all.

Legal Tips

It’s tax time and you very diligently submit your tax return to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Of course, being the diligent person that you are, you quite properly expect a tax refund from the IRS because you have paid more than your share of taxes on your income. Yet when the mail arrives, you get a nasty shock. There is no refund check in the IRS envelope addressed to you. Instead, there is a short notice letting you know that you have already filed and the refund was paid out to you.


Through actions both pre-emptive and reactive, dietary supplement makers have answered the consumer cry for transparency in many ways, from verification symbols to GPS traceability and labeling redesigns. Further up the supply chain, dietary ingredient suppliers fill a role typically less visible to consumers, but just as vital to industry’s transparency aims, as they manage how raw materials are sourced and transformed into powders, oils and extracts fit for use in supplements.


From time to time, it happens to everyone: dry, frizzy hair. Many consumers would love to have shiny, healthy hair and are willing to pay a pretty penny to get it. However, before your shoppers run to the closest beauty store for a pricey synthetic hair product, offer these natural oils that breathe life into damaged hair and leave it silky smooth—and maybe, even smelling like coconuts.

vitamin K2

The heart is one of the hardest-working organs in the body. It contracts and relaxes a little more than once per second, providing the blood flow on which every other organ in your body relies. That requires a steady supply of energy, and to perform at optimal function, your heart needs to derive that energy from its fuel (primarily fatty acids and glucose) efficiently and with little waste. This is where coenzyme-Q10 (CoQ10) comes into play.

natural choice awards

The votes have been cast and tallied. Now, it’s time to announce the results of the 2016 Natural Choice Awards!  

This annual honor, now in its 14th year, recognizes and celebrates the natural industry’s top selling products and companies, whether they’re small and just starting out or seasoned veterans.

krill oil

Oslo, Norway—Aker BioMarine shared with Expo West attendees details about its new Flexitech technology, which is said to bring new innovation to the krill oil market.

It has been two days since my plane landed in New Jersey from California, and I’m still exhausted. I, like a huge majority of WholeFoods readers, attended Natural Products Expo West, the largest and arguably most influential tradeshow in the natural products industry. It’s the event that can make or break new brands, help industry veterans forge meaningful connections and fuel the minds of attendees with fresh ideas for months to come.