New York, NY—Those looking for supplements that support attention and focus have even more reason to consider citicoline with the results of a new study.

Las Vegas, NV—SupplySide West (organized by Informa Exhibitions) returns to Las Vegas, October 5–9.

It’s getting harder to make your store stand out in the crowded natural organic marketplace. If you honestly assess your competition, you will likely see your customers can get most of the same products you offer elsewhere; perhaps even more selection in certain categories.

Denton, TX—A survey from Tetra Pak Inc., undertaken with the Global Footprint Network, showed that while consumers may not be completely aware of resource scarcity when making their purchasing choices, as education spreads, so does demand for sustainable packaging.

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It’s quite simple! According to the predominance of the scientific evidence, the higher the levels of glutathione in cells, on average, the longer the lifespan and the better health.

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Most people would not think of Geneva, Switzerland as an uncomfortably hot city. Still, the reason for braving the heat here was a good and necessary one: The 38th session of the Codex Alimentarius Commission.

Considering how often you brush, rinse and floss, it makes sense for shoppers to know the risks associated with questionable ingredients found in many conventional oral care products. Consumers are starting to rethink their dental routine, and here is what they should know about their options.

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For some, sleep is their favorite time of the day. It is an opportunity to lie down on a comfortable bed and put all their problems aside until the next morning. For others, sleep has become the hardest part of the day, with around 40 million Americans suffering from some form of long-term sleep disorder.

Columbus, OH—The 2015 Natural Products Association (NPA)/MAHO Expo, which was held July 24-26 at the Hilton Columbus, has wrapped up and preparation for next year’s event has already started.