One with NatureOne With Nature has evolved from making natural bar soaps to include its liquid hand wash, body wash and body lotion in the firm’s Dead Sea Minerals line. According to the company, Dead Sea Minerals can stimulate blood circulation, nourish and revitalize skin cells and detoxify. Scents include: Lavender, Shea Butter, Peppermint and unscented Dead Sea Mud.
SRP: $7.99–9.99.


As I began researching the social media world looking for retailer opportunities, I quickly discovered many new ways to communicate directly with customers and save marketing dollars at the same time.

Back to School, Back to Nutrition

We all know the best parts of the school day: recess, naptime and, of course, lunch! There are concerns, however, that lunchtime over the years might have become too much about fun and less about nutrition.

A basic foundation of a house includes a cement slab on the ground to hold a frame structure, walls and a roof. Without the basics, your house will fall apart and fail at protecting you from the outside world and the weather.

Superfruits: Harnessing the Exotic

If “you are what you eat,” then why not turn to superfruits for super health? Shoppers are asking themselves this question, believing superfruits offer a win–win scenario with delicious taste and feel-great benefits (many of which are data supported).

Deep Roots Within Good Earth

In October 1994, Congress passed the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA). This momentous bill allows our industry to exist and gives people the freedom to choose natural health products.

Did your last trip to the beach leave your back as red as a ripe tomato, scorched hot enough to scramble eggs over? Have no fear, aloe vera is here!

Richard A. Passwater, Ph.D.

D-Ribose is a vital nutrient for producing energy in the body. Importantly, D-Ribose does not produce energy by an unhealthy stimulating action, but by the natural process of making the body’s all-important energy storage compound, adenosine triphosphate (ATP).


The United States, like Great Britain, is seeing its food laws come under increasing pressure to harmonize and conform to international standards.