WholeFoods Celebrates it's Silver Anniversary

By all rights, this issue of WholeFoods should not exist. Just a few years after printing its first issue in 1977, the publication was struggling to keep its head above water.

Those who choose to fight their cancer with traditional treatments often experience physically and visually uncomfortable changes in the body.

From time immemorial, amino acids have existed as building blocks to the creation and survival of organic organisms. These essential chemicals create proteins, which, next to water, make up the bulk of a human’s body weight.

Richard A. Passwater, Ph.D.

I called upon vitamin K researcher, Dr. Leon Schurgers. Dr. Schurgers was kind enough to share his thoughts on the functions of vitamin K, discuss the significance of new research findings and comment on the potential implications for clinical practice for us. Since February is Heart Month, we will focus largely on the cardiovascular system, but also discuss skeletal health.

men's health

A subject to make even the manliest of men blush, prostate health is not one from which to shy away. The prostate is a walnut-sized gland in the male reproductive system that plays a role in sexual and urinary health.


Twenty-five years ago, my father acquired WholeFoods Magazine and made the courageous leap to open a company (WFC, Inc.) to publish it. It blows me away to think about all the changes that have ensued since then, not the least of which being technological changes.


The next time you catch a client looking longingly at your chocolate selection, remind them that good things come to those who indulge wisely. Many of our industry's most succulent delicacies not only treat our mouths, but they also boost our spirits and give our bodies nutrition.


If this economic downturn is like previous ones, the weak will get weaker while the strong get stronger.In recessions, companies with lots of cash tend to do better than companies with lots of debt, because they can step up to the plate to take advantage of fire-sale opportunities on undervalued assets like real estate.

Tired of worrying that your cosmetics might actually be detrimental for your skin? So are the millions of American women who have begun purchasing mineral-based makeup (MBM), thereby helping this product category become one of the hottest trends in cosmetics.