Conventional wisdom may dictate that ingredients in shampoos and conditioners are more or less the same. Well, think again.

Women who are pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant should understand the benefits of taking prenatal supplements. During pregnancy, a woman’s need for nutrients like calcium, folic acid and iron become greater because both mother and baby need extra nourishment.

Richard A. Passwater, Ph.D.

Creatine supplementation can be advantageous for everyone, not just athletes. Sure, many athletes have learned that creatine supplementation significantly improves maximal strength and endurance. They have found, and studies confirm, that creatine supplementation also results in improved concentration, higher endurance in training and faster recovery. Why would this be important to non-athletes?

Jay Jacobowitz

At Retail Insights, we’ve recently completed our 2008 retail food industry overview, and natural products are $34.19 billion, or about 6%, of the $542 billion total food store business. If you just continue the trend lines as they’ve been going, with natural products growing 8% per year versus conventional foods growing 1% per year, by the year 2040, natural products will be $400 billion, or 54%, of the then-$745 billion retail grocery business. In other words, we will increase to 10 times our present size, adding $365 billion on top of our current $34 billion.


Much of the American populace is currently immersed in a sea of chemicals that were never meant to be inside the human body. Over four million of these chemicals have been created synthetically since 1915 (1). In fact, the average person living in the developed world is contaminated with up to 500 industrial toxins (2).

healthy beginnings

When parents come strolling a little one through your store's front door, give them a hearty "Welcome to Parenthood" by pointing them to your natural baby care supplies.

diabetes, nutrition, and your shoppers

If you feel like challenging the adage, "You can never have too much of a good thing," make the case with carbs. Eating too many refined carbs and sugar (combined with not enough exercise and some genetic factors thrown in) may put one at risk for diabetes.

Making a Splash

Beverages are an enormous part of our lives. We have coffee to wake us up or use as an excuse to meet a new date, tea to relax at bedtime, drinks with friends and family for special occasions, and juice with breakfast.

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I can remember 12 years ago, there was a buzz about the coming of an “information highway” that would change how we do business. Then, all of a sudden, a line listing was added to my budget for Internet and web services.