yumbutter has three new nut butter flavors. Superfood Cashew Butter includes chia, hemp seeds and yumbuttergoji berries; Chocolate Espresso Peanut Spread includes cacoa, vanilla and cinnamon; and Plant Protein Almond Butter includes probiotic cultures for digestive support. The pouches are also multi-use and resealable.

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Beloit, WI—New data suggest that kids taking a branded beta glucan are healthier than other children.

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Boston, MA—A group of researchers from various institutions including Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health, Brown University and Harvard Medical School have published a study in JAMA Ophthalmology suggesting that certain nutrients may lower the risk of developing age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

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Arlington, VA—PBS aired a Frontline segment on “Supplements and Safety” on Jan. 19 suggesting that supplements are unsafe, make fraudulent claims and are unregulated.


From your skin to your bones and many parts in between, collagen is essential to holding your body together. Unfortunately, collagen production is yet another biological function that slows with age, the effects of which can be felt as aging skin thins and wrinkles or in the ache in your bones as cartilage wears down.

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Let’s examine the powerful therapeutic health benefits and safety of low-carb, high-fat diets on real people in the real world. We’ll clarify some of the facts about low-carb diets and also discuss the outstanding clinical results obtained by Dr. Westman and his associates.

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Shoppers are increasingly interested in cannabis, and industry companies are developing more and more products to fill this need. But, not everyone (and every store) has accepted this burgeoning market with open arms. Confusion about the facts and realities may be the source of some of this hesitation. Here, several cannabis experts clarify some top myths about this herb and products sourced from it.