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Total store mainstream sales are up +1.9%—effectively flat across all departments. Meanwhile, organic product sales are up in the high double digits in every department. The health craze is exploding with consumers constantly looking for solutions to improve their health. Improving our diets with quality healthy food is the first thing all of the experts recommend. Organic products are up +16.9% yet organic products account for only 3.1% of total store sales.

Tip of the Month

We have a hard time trusting our institutions, and breaches seem to occur frequently and everywhere. We must have multiple layers of protective filters on our computers to keep malicious intruders from compromising our data. We buy “insurance” designed to monitor our online personas to ensure no one has stolen our identities or ruined our credit ratings.


Over 30 million individuals in the United States are living with a urologic condition that not only causes them discomfort, but can also be quite costly (1). While healthy lifestyle choices in general help maintain one’s urologic health (1), it’s also important to note the dietary and supplementation choices available to help keep problems at bay.

legal tips

At this meeting, new topics crowded to the forefront: Establishing draft Maximum Levels (MLs) for inorganic arsenic in rice, lead in fruits and vegetables, cadmium in chocolate and cocoa-derived products, mycotoxin contamination in cereals and spices, and methylmercury in fish. The Dutch Chairwoman, Wieke Tas, tactfully led the Committee through each and every one of these topics.


There was a time when people spoke about organic being a fad or trendy. That time has long passed. Organic is currently on an impressive upward swing at mainstream grocers, big box stores and even convenience shops.


What are the most important factors in having youthful, healthy skin? Probably hydration, plumpness and elasticity. Now the harder question: How can you acquire these things, especially as aging takes a toll on all of them? The answer may be a combination approach, with both topical and internal products playing important roles.