Carson City, NV—Coral LLC is celebrating its 20th anniversary of supplying eco-friendly coral calcium products to the natural products industry.

This month, we compiled data from the January to March What’s Selling column to see some of the hottest items this quarter.

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Those in the frozen food sector probably wish that their sales were frozen as well. According to a new market report from Packaged Facts, not only are sales not growing, they aren’t even remaining stable, as they fell by around 1% in 2013. However, natural and organic frozen food products are providing some hope that consumers will come back to the category.

The beginning of 2015 saw the debut of a new nonprofit organization focused on exposing “what the food industry doesn’t want us to know.” The first major effort of the group, called U.S. Right to Know, is the publication of a report titled Seedy Business: What Big Food is Hiding with its Slick PR Campaign on GMOs.

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In today’s busy world, people often forget to say “thank you”; it’s a courtesy so commonplace that it gets overlooked. According to a recent study, a simple thank you cannot only brighten someone’s day, but it can also increase your future sales as well.

Stanford, CA—In making decisions about how to address climate change, policy makers routinely perform a cost-benefit analysis that pits the costs of going green against the expected economic damage of climate change. New research out of Stanford paints a picture where the numbers being used in these decisions are far out of touch with reality. The consequence is that global climate change policies may end up being far less aggressive and ambitious than they need to be.

Tucked into President Barack Obama’s 2016 budget outline is a plan that would radically alter the responsibilities of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as well as other agencies by creating a stand-alone, federally funded food safety unit.