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Some 25,000 industry members came together in Baltimore, MD, for the 30th annual Natural Products Expo East tradeshow and conference. This year’s event boasted 1,363 exhibiting companies, including 400 new brands that launched at the show. Here are four observations from the tradeshow from WholeFoods editors.

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To post or not to post? That is the question. The answer? Post (specifically).

climate change

Climate change is bringing with it extreme weather conditions with increased frequency of storms, fires, droughts and uncertain availability of water and other natural resources. As a result, supply chain disruptions will become more volatile and while cost will increase, availability of goods may decrease, or at the very least, become more sporadic and less dependable. Consumers will be affected in various ways, too.

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Three simple ways to take advantage of resources you already have in order to create your own, custom education program for your store.

You’ve probably heard the term “frenemies,” a new word that combines “friends” and “enemies.” In the business world, frenemies are two competitors that cooperate with each other to increase business, but at the expense of sharing customer purchase data and other proprietary business information. The birth of the Internet spawned the term, as smaller companies with something to sell struck deals with large web portals like Google, Facebook and Amazon in order to get access to the millions of eyeballs visiting these massive sites every day.

The problem is one really cannot grow without breaking the mold and taking risks, no matter how uncomfortable it may feel to walk straight into the deep, dark unknown.