2016 Web and Print Advertising

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For information on advertising programs, contact Heather Wainer (908-769-1160, ext. 14, or Sean McCormick (908-769-1160, ext. 15,

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2016 Web Rates

Click here to download a PDF of the complete 2016 media kit.

Effective January Issue 2016

Home Page Internal Pages
728×90 (desktop)
320×50 (mobile)
$3,387 (3 mo.)
$6,772 (6 mo.)
$13,539 (12 mo.)LOWER
$2,845 (3 mo.)
$5,610 (6 mo.)
$11,020 (12 mo.)
$3,063 (3 mo.)
$6,127 (6 mo.)
$12,247 (12 mo.)
Horizontal Banner
468×60 (desktop)
320×50 (mobile)
$1,650 (3 mo.)
$3,000 (6 mo.)
$5,800 (12 mo.)
$1,281 (3 mo.)
$2,295 (6 mo.)
$4,339 (12 mo.)
Medium Rectangle

300×250 (desktop)
200×200 (mobile)

$1,698 (3 mo.)
$3,184 (6 mo.)
$6,102 (12 mo.)LOWER
$1,550 (3 mo.)
$2,887 (6 mo.)
$5,508 (12 mo.)
$1,350 (3 mo.)
$2,670 (6 mo.)
$5,000 (12 mo.)


flexible sizes
$1,200/month  $1,000/month

Book Ends

1,920×1,000 (minimum)
n/a $3,000 (3 mo.)
$5,500 (6 mo.)
$9,995 (12 mo.)
Half-Page Ad
300×600 (desktop)
230×460 (mobile)
$2,100 (3 mo.)
$3,800 (6 mo.) $7,350 (12 mo.)
$1,950 (3 mo.)
$3,600 (6 mo.)
$7,000 (12 mo.)
All costs are in gross. There may be up to two rotating ads in all ad spaces.

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Digital Content Marketing Opportunities

WholeFoods Magazine offers an innovative digital content marketing program that enables brands and ingredient suppliers to reach and educate natural products retailers through custom-made sponsored content. All content marketing pieces will be promoted to the WholeFoods Magazine audience and will appear on the brand-new Retail Content Library at

Contact your sales representative for information about available projects, which include:
Multi-Sponsor Campaign: $8,500/sponsor
e-Book: $8,000
WholeFoods “Making Natural” Video: $17,500*/video (4-8 mins)
White Paper: $5,000-$7,000
Infographic: $5,500
Video Tips Series: $10,000* for 3-5 tips (30 secs each)
Webinar or Podcast: $6,500

Click here for information (Effective November 2015)

2016 SourceBook Online

Click here to download a PDF of the complete 2016 media kit.

Effective January Issue 2016

SourceBook Online Homepage and Global Ads

Leaderboard (728×90) $3,500 (3 months)
$6,760 (6 months)
$13,400 (12 months)
Medium Rectangle (Upper and Lower(300×250) $1,682 (3 months)
$3,200 (6 months)
$6,210 (12 months)
All costs are in gross. There may be up to two rotating ads in all ad spaces.

SourceBook Online Enhanced Listings

Free Basic Listing free
(includes basic contact information)
Bronze Listing $750/year
(includes Free Listing plus corporate profile, one logo, and In the Spotlight*)
Silver Listing $1,700/year
(includes Bronze Listing plus photo gallery of 5 images, 5 videos, 5 downloadable assets [e.g., white papers, company literature] and featured listing on homepage)
Gold Listing $2,000/year
(includes Silver Listing plus lead generation)
*In the Spotlight gives companies prime visibility by allowing businesses to appear at the top of searches.

All costs are in gross. There may be up to two rotating ads in each ad space.

A la Carte Options (per year)

Logo $750 each
Additional URLs on Listing $250 each
Downloadable Assets (e.g., white papers, videos, company literature) $250 per asset
Lead Generation for Assets $250 additional per asset
Link to Social Networking Page $250
Link to Company Blog $250
Link to an Event $250
Photos $250 per photo
Where to Buy $350

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WholeFoods Magazine


Click here to download a PDF of the complete 2016 media kit.

Effective January Issue 2016

WholeFoods offers several e-Newsletters that reach our digital subscriber base of 8,418

(average January–June 2015, d3data, LLC)

• Monthly Issue Announcement announces the new content on plus news updates.

• In the Know e-Newsletter is a weekly synopsis of the latest news affecting the industry.

• Hot Products e-Newsletter is a quarterly bulletin with information about new products.

• Breaking News Alerts notify readers of critical news stories that break in

between the scheduled In the Know distribution.

• E-Blasts available for advertisers ($600/email) and non-advertisers ($650/email).

Leaderboard – 600×120 $634 (1 month)
$1,836 (6 months)
$3,672 (9 months)
$7,064 (12 months)
Horizontal Banner – 468×60 $474 (1 month)
$1,362 (6 months)
$2,700 (9 months)
$5,283 (12 months)

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WholeFoods Magazine

2016 Four-Color Print Rates

Click here to download a PDF of the complete 2016 media kit.

Effective January Issue 2016

3 Time 6 Time 9 Time 12 Time 24 Time
FULL PAGE $6,825 $6,725 $5,995 $5,870 $5,650 $5,540
2/3 Page 5,875 5,775 5,460 5,400 5,370
1/2 Page 5,035 4,950 4,510 4,490 4,430
1/3 Page 3,960 3,890 3,760 3,630 3,600
1/4 Page 2,920 2,890 2,820 2,800 2,790
1/6 Page 2,555 2,455 2,380 2,360 2,340
1/12 Page 2,475 Ask about our 1/12 programs.

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WholeFoods Magazine

2016 Black & White Rates

Click here to download a PDF of the complete 2016 media kit.

Effective January Issue 2016


1 Time

3 Time

6 Time

9 Time

12 Time

24 Time








2/3 Page






1/2 Page






1/3 Page






1/4 Page






1/6 Page 1,560 1,460 1,385 1,365 1,345
1/12 Page 1,480 Ask for details on our 1/12 programs.
Preprinted Insert (2 sided) – use your B/W contract rate plus a $400
non-commissionable binding charge.
There is a 10% space surcharge for inserts printed on 100lb. paper.


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Display Ad Dimensions

Ad Size

(20% charge for non-standard shapes)

Width Depth
1 page (trim) 8 1/8 10 7/8
1 page (bleed)

(live matter must be 1/4″ from trim edges)

8 5/8 11 3/8
1 page (type safety) 7 9 3/4
2 Page (trim) 16 1/4 10 7/8
2 Page (bleed) 16 3/4 11 1/8
2 Page (type safety) 15 9 3/4
2/3 Page 4 9/16 9 3/4
1/2 Page horizontal 7 4 3/4
1/2 Page vertical (island) 4 9/16 7 1/8
1/3 Page horizontal 4 9/16 4 3/4
1/3 Page vertical 2 1/8 9 3/4
1/4 Page horizontal 4 9/16 3 1/2
1/4 Page vertical 3 5/16 4 3/4
1/6 Page vertical 2 1/8 4 3/4
1/6 Page horizontal 4 9/16 2 3/8
1/12 Page 2 3/8 2 3/8


20% charge for non-standard shape
Trim of Magazine: 8 1/8” wide x 10 7/8” deep.
Keep live matter (type, etc.) minimum 1/2” from all trim edges.
1. Advertising Rates
Effective January 2016 issue. Earned frequency rate is based on issues used in any 12-month period. No cancellation after closing date.
No frequency discounts will be given without a signed contract.
2. Color Rates
Color charge is in addition to Black/White rate.
Per Ad Spread
Standard Colors, made from CMYK (red, green, yellow, blue, orange) $600 $800
Match Color 850 1,500
Metallic & Dayglow 1,150 1,950
Four Color 2-page spread – Less 5% of earned rate
3. Bleed
No bleed allowed on ads smaller than a page. No charge for full page bleed.
4. Covers
Covers are NON-CANCELLABLE. Color charges and bleed are included in the rates listed.

2015 Rates

1x 3x 6x 9x 12x 24x
2nd Cover $8,420 $8,380 $7,700 $7,300 $6,580 $6,150
3nd Cover 7,700 7,635 6,775 6,700 6,400 5,807
Back Cover 9,700 9,185 8,800 8,700 8,200

5. Special Positions
Ten percent (10%) extra on B/W space only, for full pages.
Twenty percent (20%) extra on space and color for ads smaller than a full page.6. Commission and Credit Terms
Accredited advertising agencies receive a 15% commission providing invoices are paid within 30 days and ad material is supplied. Production charges are not subject to agency commission or discount terms. All insertions accepted are subject to publisher’s credit requirements. Service charges of 2% per month on past due accounts, 24% yearly.7. Furnished Inserts
Preprinted two-sided supplied inserts are charged at the b/w contracted page rate plus a $400 non-commissionable mechanical binding charge. There is a 10% space surcharge for inserts printed on 100-lb. paper. For inserts or catalogs that run four pages or more, call for quotes (908) 769-1160.8. Circulation
Controlled — reaching qualified buyers of natural/health food products: retailers, mass market buyers, natural pharmacies, wholesalers, manufacturers, suppliers, gourmet stores, natural practitioners, brokers and other qualified readers.9. Issue and Closing Dates
Published monthly. WholeFoods is issued during the first week of the cover date. For space reservations and artwork deadlines, please see the dates on the Editorial Calendar. If ad copy is not received by copy closing, publisher will insert the last ad run by the advertiser.10. Contract Conditions
A. Advertising must be inserted within one year of first insertion to earn frequency discounts. Cancellation of any portion of a contract nullifies all rate protection for the remainder. Advertiser not fulfilling frequency commitment will be billed at appropriate rate for space actually used.
B. Cancellations must be in writing, and none are considered accepted until confirmed in writing by the publisher. Neither the advertiser nor its agency may cancel after the closing date.
C. Costs incurred by the publisher for production work on advertisements will be charged to the advertiser. All advertisements ordered set and not used will be charged for composition. When change of copy is not received by the closing date, copy run in the previous issue will be inserted.
D. Publisher will hold advertiser’s print and web materials for a maximum of one year from last issue date. It is the responsibility of the advertiser to arrange for the disposition of his artwork or film materials prior to that time; otherwise materials will be destroyed. All requests must be submitted in writing.
E. Publisher will not be held responsible for consequential costs due to loss, damage of ad materials, incurred beyond publisher’s control.
F. Advertiser agrees to indemnify, defend and save harmless WHOLE FOODS, the officers, agents and employees of Wainer Finest Communications, Inc., from any claims or actions based on or arising out of any matter of any kind contained in such advertising or the unauthorized use of any person’s name or photograph, or of any sketch, map, words, labels, trademark, copyrighted matter, or libelous statements in connection with advertising purchased according to terms of the WHOLE FOODS Rate Card.
G. All rates (including contracts) subject to change with 90 days written notice.
H. Advertiser and its agency shall be liable jointly. If agency does not meet its obligation to pay, this does not release the advertiser from paying monies due the publisher. 11. Electronic / E-mail Requirements

File Requirements: Hi-Resolution – PDF, JPEG, TIFF, EPS. Stuffed files on MAC platform or Zip Files on PC platform.

Each media must have all fonts, photos and supporting graphics. All pictures must be converted to CMYK. Use rich black for all black graphics/images/text. Please don’t put
a frame around artwork. We will put a thin black frame around the ad unless client requests otherwise.

Sending Options:
A) E-mail to

B) Upload to our FTP site:
FTP site:
User:   Password: 5tGZi)wP@#m

C) Mail a CD to: 51 Cragwood Road, Ste. 100, South Plainfield, NJ 07080

Additional Charges: If you leave out any fonts, forget to convert
pictures to CMYK or do not send file in a MAC readable format.

Additional Charges: If you leave out any fonts, forget to convert pictures to CMYK, do not send file in a MAC readable format.

12. Classifieds
Classified ads are non-commissionable and limited to help wanted, positions sought, businesses for sale or purchase and other related situations. Payable in advance with copy. Ad will be placed in first available issue. Minimum rate: $60 for 20 words or fewer; $1.00 per word for each additional word. Confidential e-mails or box numbers are $25 extra.

13. Mission Statement – The One That Does It All!
Product information and news emphasis are the big differences between Whole Foods and the other publications. We feel that the retailer who knows what he or she is selling is better equipped to meet the customer’s needs. Each month Whole Foods will offer in-depth coverage of the products sold in our industry. The news format front cover ensures that the publication will catch and hold the reader’s interest. This type of reader involvement ensures that your advertising will be read.

14. Subscriptions
Single copy except special issues $12.00
Source Directory issue $75.00
1 Year Subscription USA $70.00
2 Year Subscription USA $80.00
1 year subscriptions Canada & Mexico (surface) $80.00
1 year subscription all Other Foreign Countries (air mail) $195.00
15. Audited Readership


WholeFoods Magazine’s print and digital circulation is

audited by BPA Worldwide.

• Reaching in print: 15,045 BPA-qualified subscribers

(as of June 2015, BPA Brand statement)

• Reaching digitally: 8,418 average circulation

(average January–June 2015, d3data, LLC)

• Reaching via e-newsletters: 8,418 average circulation

(average January–June 2015, d3data, LLC)

• Total Audience: 31,881

Visitors to

(1/1/15–6/30/15, Google Analytics, BPA Brand Report)

• Average monthly page impressions: 48,652

• Average monthly visitors: 31,947

• Average monthly unique visitors: 23,575

Reaching via Social Media

• Reaching on Twitter: 2,615 (as of June 2015, BPA Brand Report)

• Reaching on Facebook: 4,180

(as of June 2015, BPA Brand Report)

We can only hold your art work for 12 months


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